Sonata no. 1 Movement 2 (Original Composition) (Revised Version)

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I posted this piece last week. When I showed my theory teacher it, he told me I should make it A - B - A' rather than A - B - A, so I rewrote the ending, and also removed any parallel fifths and octaves (which many of you may know are forbidden). I made more assertive changes in the melody at the end by bringing it up an octave, adding new voices, and changing the actual melody. Here is the revised version:

You can check out the original version (here)

Thanks for reading/listening to this! As always, feed back is appreciated, and remember to check back later!

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Hi @cmp2020,

I enjoyed listening to this composition. Can't wait to hear how you redo movement #1! Keep up the hard work!

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This is really impressive.

The noteflight software does an impressive job rendering the sound, but I think this needs a live performer! (I'd volunteer but my piano is ten years out of tune and in another house.)

Of course you could also go and render the whole thing with Minecraft note blocks!

The noteflight software does an impressive job rendering the sound, but I think this needs a live performer!

I totally agree. He has a bunch of compositions that I'm eagerly waiting for him to learn on piano. Unfortunately for me, his piano instructor is very disciplined about the order in which he assigns music to be learned, and it doesn't leave much time for extracurricular material.

Great stuff, if you actually play it yourself it will sound much better. What do you use for composing?

Thanks! I use

Cool, at 1:12 reminded me of Canon in D

Really great piece, thank you for sharing!

You are most welcome!

I do not understand the technicalities. But I love classics , instrumentals and classics in modern processing. Your Sonata is beautiful. Very soulful. The kind of music I listen to while painting :) . Love it :)... Followed you :)

Hi there ! Great composition as i can hear with my not experienced ears ! Upvote-follow.
Thanks for upvoting my post yesterday .

Thank you very much @remlaps1
for visiting my blog. help guidance for my writing fore the better. i highly appreciate for your attention.