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Hello everyone! It has definitely been a minute for me. I got really immersed in my church job over winter break, and am now in my spring semester at Westminster. Steem has continued without me, but I hope to post more in the near future (maybe like once or twice a week). Over the break, I did manage to learn how to make the colorful piano videos with your hands, so today I am posting a video I made with a community question:

What songs or pieces would you like to see me play in these kinds of videos?

Feel free to comment down below for a small reward!

Here is my performance of Bach's 13th Invention in a minor:

About the piece

Like almost everything by Bach, this piece takes one motific idea, and expands it to develop all of the material for the entire piece. The inventions are really good compositional studies because of their sophisticated development of simplistic material. Bach really knows how to work with what he has. I definitely will try to make more videos of the inventions, and other works by Bach (they just look really cool in this program in my opinion).

While the colors make me feel really self conscious (because you can see if I deviate from the music), they also really add a lot to this piece because they highlight the independent melodic lines (what composers call "counterpoint"). I decided to use the color I used in order to reference Steemit's logo color since it is the first time I am posting one of these videos.


Thank you for watching this! It took a while to make. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, and or constructive criticism! Please don't forget to comment any songs or pieces you'd like to see covered, and have an amazing day!


Hola, me gusto mucho tu Post, me transmitió mucha tranquilidad. Mi nombre es Yoriana, soy Nueva en ésta plataforma, me gustaría que me apoyará en mis más recientes Post ya que me ayudaría a crecer dentro de la misma.

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