Platonov Festival. White Well US & Guinea

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Platonov Festival
White Well US & Guinea
In Voronezh, the international Platonic Festival of Arts is held.
His program consists of the directions "Theater", "Music", "Exhibitions" and "Literature" and is a collection of the most striking phenomena and names of modern Russian and world culture.
A concert was held at the festival
No sooner had we come as we were wet by rain, I was personally wet through and all the clothes were stuck to me 🙈
and then he was already a little dripping, but it was worth it) I really liked it, like all the fellows! and who did not go that fool?

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So beautiful stage and i truely love the ligjts...very cool fastival, love your video. language not understand. ❤

Nice groove, check out my video too, on @trocsoneria if you like good vibes. Different style of feeling, but it will touch you

Wow... what a sky.

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Yes very)))