Hey Guys! Check out this new music video which we released it after 1 year! the song called "Inside"

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This is a creative track which me @davidfar and my friend A-Zee @azee5150 produced it. the music is created by our ideas and it took 1 year until I was feeling satisfied with the sounds and my vocals.
The music production became great after A-Zee had finished it.

Vocals/ Lyrics/ Acoustic Guitar/ Strings/ Video Editor: Davood Faramarzi aka @davidfar
Music Production/ Electric Guitar/ Bass/ Drums: A-Zee @azee5150

and after we had finished the Audio track, I decided to start and work on video clip so I asked my friend A-Zee to record some scenes with green screen and I also recorded some scenes in my room and after our parts were done, I decided to ask our friend @thomasrobertgent to record some video scenes for the drums parts. he did it perfectly and I added those parts too.

I enjoy working on videos and editing them. as all the video scenes were stable I started adding camera movement to each parts and after days I finally finished the work. I hope you guys enjoy!

Listen on Spotify:

Thanks @lk666 for releasing this track! \m/

Thanks for listening and watching this video!
Happy Holloween!


EEEEEE!!! So friggin Awesome, love how the video turned out you guys kicked ass!! Really love this!!

Thank you my good friend Lynds!! <3 :D

Dude this is amazing! Really love this one, probably my favorite of your songs that I have heard so far. Kind of reminds me of soundgarden a little bit. Great work on the video as well. @tipu curate

Thank you so much Carlgnash :) it means much to me! \m/

Killer song and video 🤘
You guys did a great job

Thank you so much bro Michael! \m/

Great production work, It came out amazing!

Thanks bro! \M/ I am also happy about the result! Your parts were great too!

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