Album Review #139: Den Of Thieves (The Trews)

in #music3 years ago


  1. Fire Up Ahead
  2. Makin' Sunshine
  3. Cry
  4. Sweetness
  5. I Can't Say
  6. So She's Leaving
  7. Yearning
  8. The Pearl (More Than Everything)
  9. Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
  10. Ana & Mia
  11. Naked
  12. Montebello Park
  13. Got Myself To Blame
  14. The Traveling Kind
  15. Ishmael & Maggie

Saw these guys from Nova Scotia a few years back at The Troubador opening for Rose Hill Drive, who they completely blew off the stage. The Trews helped renew what was then a flagging interest in newer rock music. Den Of Thieves is their second album. These guys are a real rock & roll band. Singer Colin MacDonald is a monster vocalist, and his brother John-Angus plays great lead guitar (the band also includes their cousin, Sean Dalton, on drums). The opener, "Fire Up Ahead", is a fiery rocker, and although there are a few lesser songs, there's enough with "So She's Leaving", "Yearning", and "Ishmael & Maggie" to keep things better than afloat. "The Pearl" ends in an absolute rock frenzy.

But the centerpiece here is "Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me". "Her lies, they won me over quick/She ruled my mind, my heart, my dick/I took the line, the hook, the bait/And now I'm sick from what I ate". Great harmonies, great guitar, great lyrics, it's funky, and it's a cowbell song...what more could you ask for?

Found this in a dollar bin. Might be the best deal you'll have all year if you can get it.

This is album #139 in an ongoing series.


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I discovered them with this album, but after then I haven't listened to any of the later releases. Have just notice that they have an album published this 2018, 'Civilianaires' but the songs that I have listened from this album aren't as wild and raw as the ones from 'Den of Thieves". Anyway I'll make a better listen because when I first heard this band I liked a lot.

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