Songs I Love To Play: Bob (Drive-By Truckers Cover)

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I love a good story song. But I really love a good story song that's a simple portrait of a person. That's exactly what "Bob" is. Mike Cooley is one of the sometimes three guitar attack of the band Drive-By Truckers. He plays second fiddle to Patterson Hood, and was lesser known that former guitarist for the band Jason Isbell...but it's Cooley who is the band's real storyteller. "Bob" is the story of a real simple man. Old fashioned down to the core. Simple and small town as they come. Bob takes care of his mama...yes he does. Bob never bothered getting married, and he always had more dogs than he ever had friends. And how many songs get written about men like Bob, a man as simple and down to earth as they come? This one.

Yes. I love a good story song about simple folk just living their lives and getting by the best they can. That's Bob. Dealing day to day with his singular nature. With his simple life. With his mama, who is still the number one woman in his life. I can picture Bob. Tall and thin. Simple and average. Quiet and thoughtful...the kind of guy they don't write songs about. Except that Mike Cooley, thankfully, did write a song about a guy like Bob.

Yeah...I dig this song a lot. Because guys like Bob deserve to be in songs, too.

words and music by MIKE COOLEY

Bob goes to church every Sunday
Every Sunday that the fish ain't bitin'
Bob never has to have dinner with the Preacher
Cos' Bob never bothered gettin' married

He likes to drink a beer or two every now and again
He always had more dogs than he ever had friends
Bob ain't light in the loafers
He might kneel but he never bends over

Bob takes care of his Momma
She's the only one he lets call him Robert
She don't drive anymore so he takes her to the store
And keeps her yard lookin' just like she wants it

Every week at the beauty shop Bob's Momma hears
That another woman's paid 'nother man disappears
Robert ain't exactly scared of women
He's just got his own way of livin'

Bob's still gotta antenna on a pole
2 channels come in 2 more comin' through
He used to watch the news but he don't anymore
Ain't none of it new it's the same as before
He figures all any of it's any good for's
Keepin' everybody bored till there ain't nobody
Like Bob anymore

Bob takes care of his Momma
She's a mess but he feels like he oughtta
How big a mess today ask bob he'll say
"she's a big one and she's gonna be a lotta"

He likes to drink a beer or two every now and again
He always had more dogs than he ever had friends
Bob ain't light in the loafers
He might kneel but he never bends over

© The Bicycle Music Company


Loved this Dino! keep the songs coming ! I always like good storytelling on songs :) .. say hi to Bob .. I gotta listen to a bit more of ''Drive-by Truckers''

Hey, Pechi! Thank you so much for taking a listen. You'll like a lot of what these guys do. Their first album is called Pizza Deliverance...a pretty good place to start. I appreciate you stopping in!

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I love the country music, Oh yeah, and I see that it's running through your veins,
love this sound Great, @dinoromanelli :)

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