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Hello friends of Steemit! Today I bring you this excellent band from Finland that has a Guinness record for being the band that has the longest duiration of a concert: AGONIZER


After recording some demos, a self-edited EP, and finishing second in a demo contest in their native Finland, they sign with Spinefarm to record their first full-length. Nine years of life for a band that finally sees its goals achieved with "Birth / The End".


What they offer us is a Melodic Metal with dark, aggressive components, and even a touch of what they call Progressive Metal. To summarize, Heavy Metal in essence thanks to some abrasive guitars, aggressive vocal melodies, blunt base at arrhythmic times, and a keyboard that gives a counterpoint of elegance. The continuous contrasts between aggressiveness, are slowed down by really subtle touches: guitars by ambientations, vocal hatred by good doses of melodies, ruthless rhythms by crystalline solos...


The first notes of "Prisioner" already make clear their origin and style. And it is that the keyboard has those touches Jens Johanson so recognizable of his compadres STRATOVARIUS. Pasi's voice is completely serious, the first impression is that it does not fit, because of pre-conceived ideas about the style, but not at all. His voice denotes claw, power and bad ostia ... Heavy Metal in the end. The choirs have a lot of CHILDREN OF BODOM, with a ruthless and ruthless touch.

"Harmless Hero" has a more measured chorus, here the voice can remember something in the style that THE CULT were working long ago. The instrumental part is another contrast between the keyboard and the sonic barrier of some guitars whose production is premeditadamente dirty.

"Everyone Of Us" has a darker, more sinister air, I have come to mind the last three works of SENTENCED, the vocal melodies and the dramatic point of the singer, apart from a refrain that marries perfectly with those before cited. "Hazardous" follows the line of the cold SENTENCED, in the style of the songs of "Frozen", dark, intense and with a marked drama orchestrated in an instrumental part that is one of the highlights of the work.

"Prophecy" has a more classic air, a totally Hard melody is shattered by a vertigo speed; "Sleepless" instead is a half time where the voice is totally naked; in the second verse, and the step of a great harmony becomes an ultra metal theme, very much like the TWILIGHTING, with that vacilón roll to the SKID ROW and the best of the consecrated groups of their land.

"Black Sun" is perhaps the most aggressive, the drums and the rhythms again are played by the keyboards, forming a sonic wall of difficult assimilation, with an ultra-melodic instrumental part. To close, "The Birth And The End", a half-time sense where Pasi performs his best performance, and the piano interludes offer us another dimension of what AGONIZER are capable of.

And yes, this band is capable of turning many things upside down. One of the best debuts of the year, knowing how to manage their potential in various styles, charging with reasons, calling our attention. I liked them, they have managed to combine two elements that are difficult to marry, such as aggression and subtlety. Heavy Metal with marked rock rhythms, speed, power and good themes. Eye to these guys, have raised expectations, and has not been in vain.


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