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Things that one does not expect to find in this life in full 2019: people saying "dabuten", a good new chapter of The Simpsons, members of UPyD, Ridley Scott returning to make movies that cool and The Black Angels sounding cool again. But life is like this sometimes and you end up giving the surprise.


And here I am, writing these lines to motivate you to listen and discuss a new album by the band from Austin, the one that so marveled us with their Passover (Light in the Attic, 2006). After a disc so disappointing and tasteless as Indigo Meadow (Blue Horizon, 2013) many we gave them for finished, but with their fifth album they have made it clear that we better go forgetting about the idea.

His psychedelia butt fuzz and reverb sounds convincing and amazing in Death Song (Partisan, 2017), which chained five songs that take away all the stupor of the recent past and encourage us to have fun in a sea of ​​distorted guitars and lisergia. Return that punch from the past and leave us as "Comanche Moon", "Hunt Me Down" or "Medicine" that offer us a more than fun time as they had not offered us for a long time.

It is clear that they do not return to that fabulous level of their debut, and in points of the equator as '' the album is in danger of limping, but the best thing about Death Song is the feeling that the previous was just a traspies, that when they want , they can. After all, the groove of The Black Angels is not lost just like that, you just have to know how to use it and not let it rust.

Although the clocks soften when The Black Angels sound, there are two fixed spatio-temporal coordinates for the Texan band to perform their pagan hallucinogenic rock rite live in our country: September 1 in Apolo, Barcelona, ​​and September 2 in Joy Eslava, Madrid.

The Black Angels has been committed to psychedelic rock for almost 15 years. As you could see during their performance at Primavera Sound 2017, they not only defend the current status of this music with five discs that open doors to other dimensions, but also understand that this type of rock is not as escapist as it might seem: the anti -establishment of the psychedelia of the 60 is still valid in your case.

The psychedelic pedigree of this Austin quintet is irrefutable: they were the support band of Roky Erickson, they are part of The Reverberation Appreciation Society, they co-founded the Levitation festival (formerly Austin Psych Fest), they titled their last album, Death Song (2017), playing with the name of one of the most arcane themes of The Velvet Underground ... But Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland, Kyle Hunt, Alex Maas and Nate Ryan also consider themselves as a protest band: the lyrics of their last songs are notes of the natural of a society, the American, and a system, the capitalist, on the verge of collapse.

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