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Hello friends of Steemit, today I bring you this wonderful Swiss rock band. As Celtic Frost rose from the ashes of Hellhammer, so Triptykon rises from the ashes of Celtic Frost.


Brief, concise, and very but very accurate defines Tom "Warrior" Fischer his new musical adventure after the final break of CELTIC FROST, who after a prolific meeting in which chained several tours and appearances at the most important festivals at European level They left definitively and officially on April 9, 2008 due to differences between its members, before it came out the good of Martin Eric Ain to comment that CELTIC FROST were not dead but in a state of lethargy, although that is another story that We can believe, or not, the fact is that the legendary band was falling apart again and Tom Gabriel Fischer was rushing to announce a new project that sounded very hasty to us all and that has been maturing during all this time, two years in which has been shaping "Eparistera Daimones", the long awaited continuation of the acclaimed meeting work of CELTIC FROST, "Monotheist", under the name of TRIPTYKON, and which has had vile or a good part of the extreme community, which mostly enjoyed one of the best works that the group had ever composed demonstrating that, fortunately, because of its sound, time does not seem to pass, as is also shown in TRIPTYKON, which is the first launch of his new band, and I do not know if it will have continuity or not, anyone knows, but that surely will not disappoint anyone.


The lineup is completed by V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS, ex-CELTIC FROST) on guitar, who is in this new project is Tom's right hand and in whose Woodshed Studios the album production has been carried out, with Norman Lonhard on drums and percussion, and with debutant Vanja Slajh on bass, a band that at first had Reed St. Mark on drums but eventually dissociated from the group for reasons that are totally alien to me.


Speaking of the production, and to get a little more fully into what awaits us with "Eparistera Daimones" at the sound level, comment that the album sounds like that you're imagining you know the oldest and most current material of both mother bands, neither more nor less. It was clear what "Warrior" wanted when CELTIC FROST was over, and it is what he has done here again in TRIPTYKON, nothing more, nothing less, a dirty, massive, dark, careless, primitive and gloomy sound that has always had everything in what he has participated and how he does not also have "Eparistera Daimones", whose musical direction, for want of being a little more profiled, is already very well defined, a clearly continuista tendency that will be the one that satisfies the needs that we all had. something dense and evil, as only this man and his bands have been able to transmit.


I did not want to miss the artistic work, which has always been very important in the group, especially since the CELTIC FROST era, and this time it is even more so, with an impeccable work by H.R. Giger and the surrealist painter Vincent Castiglia. This is a very special occasion, since H.R. Giger has given Tom Gabriel Fischer the use of his 1978 picture "Vlad Tepes" for the cover, and it is the second time that he has succeeded in his musical career. The first, the cover of the "Morbid Tales", older words.

Returning again to the sound of "Eparistera Daimones", he commented before describing the production was already well described the direction they have taken these nine new topics, although with some caveat. However, the fact that it does not stop comparisons between TRIPTYKON and CELTIC FROST, "Eparistera Daimones" and Monotheist ", should give us a very good idea of ​​the next thing that they are musically speaking, with nuances, of course. For example, I would say that "Eparistera Daimones" brilliantly reproduces that dark and ultra - heavy essence of the group 's classic material, those asphyxiating tempos so characteristic and so theirs sharpened by that Tom' s voice sometimes distorted to "Where the Slime Live" , although it goes much further. It is a much more diverse album, in which we find themes for all tastes, always in that direction, but with some surprise as for example can be "A Thousand Lies", a subject that is easily the fastest he has composed Gabriel in years, even more than "Into The Crypts Of Rays", and with that almost guttural voice comes to remember even the most putrid and primitive Swedish death metal. The atmosphere certainly does not decline at any time, and it is even more dense because I would say that, returning to production, the guitars of Santura and Fischer are more present and sound heavier, raw and serious than in "Monotheist". Therefore, for that step forward in terms of composition and in terms of variety and inspiration of their subjects with respect to his latest work, I would say that "Eparistera Daimones" is superior to its predecessor, since without losing the essence and timelessness that always has characterized them, they have managed to give an extra touch of interest to the album, something that did not hurt "Monotheist", although he did not sin too much of it.

That is why we are in front of one of the records of the year, for themes like "Goetia", nine exquisitely dark minutes to start, that despite its funereal character, that shrinks your heart, it also puts you to the test with multiple variations in the guitars and tempos (impeccable foundations, by the way), or songs like "Abyss Within My Soul", which puts your hair as escarpias, or as the aforementioned and surprising "A Thousand Lies", something almost unprecedented in both HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST, and for songs like "Shrine" or "Descendant", a non-stop disc that sounds like a classic and with which Tom "Warrior" has managed to reinvent his music in the most masterly way possible.

Quite a joy for the fans of this great musician, we see how this time he did not make the same mistake fifteen years ago, when he founded APOLLYON SUN, and that he has dedicated himself to simply doing what he knows best, and that he does better than no one.

The musical style of Triptykon goes from the profound gutturality of the Death, through the dark Gothic, heavy and atmospheric, to the overwhelming world of Doom. And despite having only two studio albums, they have been enough to lay the foundations on which the legacy of the visionary Tom G. Fischer will continue to be perpetuated, as is the case with this new project, which is already a record of a constant evolution.

Banners of condemnation, pessimistic, dark and heavy are qualifiers that describe the work of this great band; of the artist, of the genius Fischer, who, to each composition presented, indelibly imprints a large part of the immense talent he possesses, which will remain preserved in posterity as a whole chair of the way in which atmospheres of condemnation must be created, those asphyxiating, truly oppressors, who abstract and twist all our senses.

For this and many other things is that you can not miss Triptykon, a project that gives continuity to the legendary Celtic Frost and project that saw its term by 2008, the same date of its rebirth, by the creative genius Tom Gabriel " Warrior "who, to complete his training, chose to gather from the ashes, the virtuosis too: V. Santura, Vanja Slajh and Norman Lonhard.


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