Bulerias 12 oclock

in #music4 years ago

Hello people,

I can’t go to sleep. I need to play :) I need to burn all the energy left for the day before going to the dreams place.

Here is a bit of a Falseta por buleria that I am working, original, apart form the very last bit. Always changing it.

Hope you like it


Great my friend! Hey, your guitar looks exactly like my Córdoba, except I outfit mine with D'Angelico flamenco strings (black trebles) because they look cool. It is probably just the video filter you used though. Excellent work. Going to resteem as well.


This guitar is a Camps from Spain. Bought it at the factory near Girona. The strings I use here are addario flamenca. I am not so fan of the black trebles strings I find them weird looking. But I like the sound on La Bella black treble strings, very flamenco sound

Yes, I knew your guitar was much nicer than my cookie cutter Cordoba. I am not a flamenco player but more of a faux classical player anyway. Like your stuff. Keep it up.

Uau, muito bom.

It was great if you made a video explaining the techniques you use in this video

Muito obrigado hermano,

I was thinking to do a tutorial at some point. Thanks for your comment!

Nice falseta and compas control ! :)

It's a treat to hear you playing a buleria.
Thank you!

I really liked this video, so I'm going resteem ;)

Sweet! I like it a lot

Thank you ! Really apriciate your comments

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