Devil on my back! OnklP/Damien/Fyrstikken

in #music3 years ago

She is not allowed to see me when I am blue...

... I start every day in a tub full of sweat


Hi @fyrstikken, Just landed here after seeing your post trending at Steemit. Listened to this cover song and found it full of emotions...the lyrics, the vocals and the background music all make it a good art. This is probably my very first comment on your posts. I'm new on this amazing platform Steemit and just trying to learn all the basics things of blogging. Just followed you and I believe you can share some blogging tips for newbie like me to make my Steemit journey awesome. Lastly, what are the benefits of choosing someone as your witness? Does that person become your mentor? Is it like that? Sorry for being offtopic but I hope you don't mind. Have a great day!

Nice you have superb voice and nice lyrics
Thanks for sharing here with us
God bless you

@fyrstikken, beautiful lyrics for beautiful banner


awesome scroll-text :) thank you.

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You sing very clearly. A magic in your voice. Your song crying me.

thank you, glad it touched you emotionally.

When your next song coming out. I love your songs. Plz tell me.

Welcome. Keep it up. I love your songs.

This really hit the emotional side of me. And you did such an amazing job. Keep the passion alive within yourself and up. Lots of respect my Man

I find music to be an inspiration and it is clearly so for you as well. You remind me of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, not your style of singing, but the emotions you both exude with your music. For artists such as yourself, music is a way to express your thoughts and feelings. For listeners like myself, we listen to the song and let it resonate with us. This song sounds like a personal piece of yours and it will now be part of the blockchain history. :)

I was looking for songs to inspire my fiction story writing for steemmonsters. You sure do rap fast!

@fyrstikken I know that STEEM price has been down for a while - but that doesn't mean your life is a failure, unless that's where ALL of your money is.

I must say, I like some of your previous songs better than this one - but it's a good try. Ok, today, yes - your life is a failure. But, don't worry! STEEM price will go back up next week, and your life will be more successful! :)

How do you sing all those words so fast!

painful rehearsals

Hi @fyrstikken honestly i am speaking ,before i hear this song i am not a fan of anyone , but after hearing this song really i cried , what an emotional message you pass through with your song, thanks , now i am your fan , really its vry nice, a good message will reach a person very soon you are the mediator who passthrough the message vry clearly and emotionally
and your music also simply cool and rocking
i am waiting for the next song
i am waiting
i am waiting
and you made me your fan by this one song

The lyrics got me crying...
Great music... This is mind-blowing redefined...

Wow, @frystikken; thanks for the upvote...
Even in a run-down economy like this where people no longer give out their votes...

Your generosity will make a way for you...
Thanks boss...

Hey dear @fyrstikken If I had $200 VOTE value, I must give you. But alos I have very low SP so the vote is very little.
You have done really Mind-blowing job. I have listened this song 3 time and must appreciate your talent. You should continue this amazing thing as I must say that this is your PASSION. You have proved your talent in working side (Booster Bot) and now here at your PASSION side.
All the very best Sir, please keep it up and always stay blessed!

your money is no good here, thank you for a greatly appreciated comment.

Thanks a lot for your response. I am so blessed that I am connected with the most generous people of this platform. Stay Blessed @fyrstikken!

thanks, you too :)

Keep it on sir . there's delay but not injustice

Be optimist sir

wow look like good

Amazing way to sing so fast.

Hey!! that was one hell of a , intense number ,I must say.The lyrics literally blew me off. Has been written by somebody who has experienced the pain of being branded as an useless guy. We all have our little devils on our back whom we probably talk to everyday and the devil keeps showing us the mirror every day. You sang it also in your unique style.
Great creative talent i will say.May you create many more of such
meaningful songs .
Thanks for putting it on the site.

you look skinny. i like you when you're writing songs fyrst. keep it up. ideally, we gotta get you a "teleprompter" so you can stare right into the camera though.

hmm, that could actually be the next thing I get. Sounds like a good idea.

I’ll talk with my documentary filmmaker friend and see what he says about the best/easiest way to do it. Thanks for the vote bro, maybe it’ll bump me back into participation in steem lol. Steemspeak always [when I’m allowed], but i ain’t put any work into content for the blockchain in months!

What an emotional song. I did watch it couple of times and enjoyed thoroughly.
Hats off to you bro and you truly deserve a round of applaud @fyrstikken

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thank you for that, have had this on my mind for a few years, good to have got it out in this crude version at least :)

It's fantastic. I expect more from you something like this. I have followed you on YouTube so that I don't miss anything from you.

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What a heartbreaking song!! Sometimes you can feel that the world is this and try to close the windows, the ears, close the soul. Your voice injects the idea of pain, protest, search, but also of salvation. Interesting!! Bravo

Alas I have not hope love nor fame with which people dwelt in this world type song

Devil On My Back is a very emotional song and you have done the full justice with this musical piece. I'm glad that I followed you and look forward to listening to more of such creativity.

I'm not a professional singer but I've a great liking for music and in my friends circle, I sing songs both in male and female voices. Music is not only a way to express my deepest emotions and feelings but also an escape during the times of gloom. It's a savior. After my friends upbraided me over and over again to bring my talent to the world through YouTube, I could not muster up courage to take the initiative. Then after years, I came to know about Steemit. Time conquers all and throughout those years, I had learnt some hard lessons. So, I'm going to bring my only talent to life. You're a lucky artist for a lot of people here at Steemit know and follow you. May be you could do a Musical Contest to lift the minnows like me. One of the best things about music is that it's enjoyed and understood globally and for that reason is regarded as international language.

Steem On

@fyrstikken, Your tone is so raw and unique. I like the hint of an accent in your voice when you sing; I think it shows character. There is something captivating about your delivery. You are pouring out so much emotions into this song. I can really feel that there is a devil on your back telling you that your life is a failure. There is something deep about this song that mean so much to you? I can't pin point it, but it move me.

You can tell that Devil to STFU because you just produced a great song and video that I really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it.

Hello Sir @fyrstikken!

I am so pleased and very happy to see anyone who loves music so passionately. Music is like food to me, i love singing and i m going to follow to follow you so that I can get positive energy from your singing. Sir you do not know but your singing gives me ghoosebumps. I would like to share my singing with you in future, Oh God you are a true inspiration for me. After enjoying your song i am convined that life is very beautiful gift of the God. Thank you Sir @fyrstikken :)

Great video sharing @fyrstikken i am waiting for your post for couple of days and now very glad to see your post with amazing stuff. I appreciate your effort with passion to done this. And a lesson in your singing lines. You have amazing singing tallent. Stay blessed.

She is not allowed to see me when I am blue
I start every day in a tub full of sweat.

Lots of Love from my side and Stay Blessed my friend.

Hello @fyrstikken Oh My Goodness what an amazing voice you got, I never knew that you are singer too. The way you catch the rhythm and flow to reach the peak of that composition with your melodious touch is supremely awesome and off course it demands skills that you got.
I am basically a poet and during my university days I used to sing a song although I am not at all that skillful singer like you but still people appreciated me. I do personally feel that I am gonna enjoy your blogs onward as you are blessed with so many talents.

I am sure you will share another song on this weekend to make our weekend wonderful. My heartiest wishes are always with you <3

Stay Blessed and keep rocking the Rock Star of steemit aka @fyrstikken :)

Did you write the lyrics? Honestly, I started the video by chance and since I started I could not stop it. A great lyric and you inject a lot of feeling. I loved it, you won a follower.

Only additions. The Lyrics is original by OnklP, an artist from Norway singing in Norwegian. So a fan felt the song needed to be translated/transcribed to English, Damien did that, and finally the last changes done by me, fyrstikken in the performance. Hope to see them both on steem soon, realizing the potential trending on steem can have for artists/indies/promoters. Artists help artists bringing the works further. Thank you for your comment and of course for following, that is a bonus!!

I didn’t expect such a doomy song from you. But I commend you for throwing yourself into everything you do, including this. I like being surprised by seeing the different sides of people. :)

Such as gloomy song

Maybe I have never been great in the discord and I never gave a sh*t about you but this is fucking dope, like I have watched it over and over and over even though am not a fan of rap music @fyrstikken dope👌👌👌 devil on your back? Haha! Some good raps👋👋👋

Why do all theese commenters not tell you what they really think.
Did you look your video.
Are you serious or is this satire ?
I am sorry , but , huhh, ......., .....
You have my respect for earning so much votes.
Upvotet and resteemed.

Hey @fyrstikken this is really awesome , i have already listen 2 times and still listening, keep up great work again and again

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Hey, @fyrstikken this really Impressive and amazing. How much time did you take to succeed this much?

I have nobody in my life. I struggle alone and that i die alone. i do not even have friends. I lost my life and that i am awaiting the death to come back and decide ME to the silence.......

@fyrstikken thanku sir for upvoted me. You are amazing person. This is my first time which is I make money $2.49. thanku for your kindness. Today I'm very very very happy. Thanku sir. I salute you.

I never heard like this before and this is awesome

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Thank you sir and keep the world have awesome musics

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Wow it sounds like a raggeton but also like a beauty rap verse.
I like the repetition of telling me my life is a failure repeat

Beautifully done fryst I love the passion too

thank you, that was very nice of you to say.

never heard rap verses with amazing emotion laden into it this good, I was wandering do you mind if I ask how I ca save so I can continue listening when I want?

hmm, google for youtube download online tool. You should be able to find something for your system.

This is so deep meaning of song,
And it is true, Everyday we are not aware that all the negative thought that keep on on grinding in our mind is the devil in our back or they are on our two ears!

Every time we spread the hate, the devil overcome our being!

Don't let them if we only know!

So deep song that you really see the reality!

Hi @fyrstikken, The confidence was great. Did you write the lyrics? They are beautiful.

Thank you, OnklP wrote the original ("Styggen på ryggen"), in the Norwegian language. Damien loved the song so much he wrote the English version and made an audio recording and kind of left it on soundcloud for many years. I picked it up, as I also love OnklP music, and especially this song. Made the last changes/additions to the lyrics in this performance. So there you go :)

Hej! I have upvoted your awesome video! I can only imagine that this rap must sound superbad in Norwegian!

#zombieRap I like it damn!

You are good in blue, @fyrstikken. Have you got more colors ;)

everything but pink.

Well, not every pink is… pink @fyrstikken ;)

Wow this is my first time opening your post and I must say it's worth it.. You did great 👌


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Sing it out lout, my friend. Good stuff.

i love music

Damn man, this is some crazy deep lyrics here. I feel you on this.

I'm impressed, honestly man. Love to see more of this type stuff from you.

Keep it up.

Nice singing. Rockstar.

Confidence in delivery is essential. You nailed it. Straight from the heart and delivered with soul.

@fyrstikken Mr. blue have a funy vedio. i watch and try to think some like where we are right now.

great music! i followed you

Yup, totally stole this song from Legends :) LOVEEE it tho. The song. And legends...they need to make a second season QUICK.

nah, Devil on my back from Legends is a completely different song... melody, lyrics.

But it is good too. Awesome mastering!

Excellent song and well done for being played on season finale of Legends.

Great music really appreciate your work.
keep up the good work @fyrstikken

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you are not singing just speaking i guess

waow ,, a very good talent, this video that I captured, I always watch over and over, continue your talent and keep up the spirit

Awesome you have superb voice and nice lyrics
Thanks for sharing here with us
God bless you.

Hey @fyrstikken bro..
Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It's transporting, for sure. It can take you right back, years back, to the very moment certain things happened in your life. It's uplifting, it's encouraging, it's strengthening.

Very touched...amazing...
Thank you for this post :)

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Honestly your song is emotional,you are highly stack with untap talent ,thumb up for you here in africa

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What an amazing song to hear!! Sometimes we feel that our whole world is this and is pleasant for our ears and soul. Your amazing voice is going deep into our hearts. Great and live long.

She is not allowed to see me when I am blue 😔😴

ok nice song


Awesome songs . Just love it .

Guy you are damn good...lovely lyrics ....Thumbs up man.

True love song ! Good Job

i am impressed with your talent, but im not understand your tuning , either way congrats

Excelente pieza!!!

You're right, so much passion I could feel the emotion in there it was sung out of emotion I noted, I'm still playing it I can't get enough

Great rift, vocals, classic rock original deviation, didn't like cussing but sometimes it is justified

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No,hablo inglés,pero la música me gusto cuando arrancas diciendo "primero en dar tu vida"

Damn @fyrstikken that is really good! lol

She can not see me when she is blue ... excellent music composition very well the lyrics also I congratulate you . Hi

I am very happy with your enthusiasm for your work and its exposition is good too. Good luck

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Another awesome track you nailed it once again :)

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Always maintain this kind of attitude.

do you want to trade some shit coins , come on lets go and play , you are an original , unique , and very talented !

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nice song
this song shows you have the talent but you have to improve on it more

Great video sharing @fyrstikken

잘~보고 팔로우하고갑니다...

I see a musical artist with classical style of singing!

Thanks and congratulations for sharing this publication. Great, follow me and I'll follow you friend

an excellent video work, I like watching it

You really look stressed in the hole of video which matches your voice.
tin the hole song the feeling is being touched to my heart..!..
thank you so much for the video

Wow ! Loved it @fyrstikken ! "The Devils On My Shoulder..." Too! You sang with much intense meaning from your heart and soul, which I loved! Well done my friend! *BRAVO! Upped and resteemed!👍🎼🎹🎤🎶🎸🎼🎤

in comparison with "TE CONOZCO" this was great ... but I guess it was to promote the steem fiesta a la que me encataria ir... I left a message in your discord chat

I need to follow you right nowww!!!! amazing!!!!

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Bloody fuckin crazy Cooool lyrics -
go on -
iam following and resteemed

Very good song, rather sad but it has a very good rhythm and the lyrics are consistent and tell a story (which is what most modern music seems to lack XS) !

You know, I got to be honest with you: isn't perfect. Maybe that's why I really LOVE IT! These are the posts that makes Steemit unique.

I'm not saying that to get your vote, so I decline rewards for this comment.

So tormented, but still really nice song !

@fyrstikken... really great job I have no word to appreciate your work...

Rap & Melody rock mash up 😍

You gotta listen to it high af to get the flow

Cool song bro keep it up:)

LOVE this song, guys. Loved it on Legends. So glad I can finally share it with others.

cool boss, with that sad music, it could be happy again @fyrstikken