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Hi fellow Steemians,

If people can dance together they can live together (a very famous phrase by the music community). Today I wanted to share to you my thoughts on music and what I tend to favor. While I enjoy all types of music from pretty much all types of   genres, I tend to find House and Trance one of my favorite for the time being. I could go on and on about this subject but since I don't want to bore you to death I will try to keep this article as brief and sweet as I can :). I am not a musician or an expert in music so forgive me if I do not categorize all the songs in the right spot. I have always found  House music as a universal language because everyone understands and feels how all the elements are transitioning regardless of what background we come from.Since most of electronic music does not have as much lyrics, everyone can listen to it.  House, Trance and music in general has evolved a lot throughout the years to the point  where I would not know what to call it. I think calling it electronic music in my opinion might probably be my safest bet :)

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The Birth Of House Music 

House has originated from the underground clubs of Chicago. A lot of the artists had experimented in their basements and would have never thought that what they did would grow in to becoming a global phenomenon.  Chicago DJs were stealing everyone's music and remixing the sounds and disco groves in their own way. " It all started in Chicago’s Southside in 1977, when a new kind of club opened. This new Chicago club called The Warehouse gave House music its name. Frankie Knuckles, who opened The Warehouse, mixed old disco classics and new Eurobeat pop. It was at this legendary club where many of the experiments were tried. It was also where Acid House got its start." (Source Credit) Shortly after, house spread to other parts of the world and started becoming mainstream. 

  •  "House music did not have its origins just in American music. The popularity of European music, specifically English electronic pop like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell and the earlier, more disco-based sounds of Giorgio Moroder, Klein & MBO, as well as Italian productions, they all gave rise to House music. Two clubs, the already mentioned Chicago’s Warehouse and New York’s Paradise Garage, which promoted European music, had at the same time broken the barriers of race and sexual preference (for House music was in part targeted at the gay community). Before The Warehouse opened, there had been clubs strictly designed to segregate race. However, The Warehouse did not make any difference between Blacks, Hispanics, or Whites; the main interest was simply music. And the music was as diverse as the clients." (Source Credit

In Mid 1980s and 1990s

In the 1980s and 1990s house music entered a golden age where it not only spread to other major cities in America (including Detroit and New York City) but it ruled the world. It became a major fixation in Europe (mostly UK), South Africa and Australia.  "House that we now take for granted were pioneered during this era. Perhaps that’s why this music has such longevity; it was conceived during a particular fertile period in music production when artists and producers were freed from technological restraints as studio technology caught up with their vision of dance music." (Source Credit) When I was a little kid (around 5 years old) my aunt took me to a local Bar/Club in Bulgaria in a town where I was born (and that time children where allowed with a guardian) and I remembered they used to play some sick tracks. Perhaps because of that I might have some kind of an emotional attachment to this type of music and maybe that's why I am passionate about it. 

Here is a classic one that got me hooked and truly shows the transition of old school house and how it is moving in to a more modern state. I would say this is something in between old school and what we have today:


The music that we call house today has come a long way with various different forms and types. I am afraid to tell you exactly what I like because I might end up categorizing it incorrectly. It still has a great resemblance from it's early days but I really feel like it has evolved in to something greater and I think it will continue to evolve.  "Technology has had a profound impact on house music in a few ways. First, DJ's have been able to easily download programs that already have beats and vocals so they're able to create music cheaper and more efficiently. Second, many of them grew up with turntables so they learned early and their instruments are data files that can easily be tampered with to create new music"(Source Credit). If I had to pick a few categories then I would probably say deep and progressive house/trance would be one of my favorite. 

Here is a little something something if you want to taste a little bit of what I have been enjoying these past years: 

And here, if you are familiar with the movie Game of Thrones then you will see how house musicians love to make mixes where all of us will recognize and integrate them in to a beautiful art form:

If you want a little bit of deep with some lyrics then check this out:

Here is something more chill if you want to relax: 

And here is something more that leans towards progressive trance:

While I have thousands of more tracks that I would love to share with you, enough has been shared for today:)

Here are some memories back from 2012 where I was enjoying some house music festivals :)


Thank you  for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Please share your thoughts below and comment on what you think :]

Best regards,



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