'Antares' - New Original Music - A Quick Couple-of-Minutes Creation - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 20210227 at 9.35.55 PM.png

This wasn't technically one of the timed

Track 2, Autopitch + Portal for the weird warble
challenges I do, but I didn't send more than a few minutes (probably four or five) on it, so I figured it would be a fun share. The format will be a bit different, since I don't have enough MIDI instruments to screenshot, but I figured it might be fun to share some more of these random creations, as I sometimes find some interesting ideas in them, even if they mostly get tossed. Track 1 is the drums, just kicks and snares, which aren't the best kit, but I was sort of more interested in playing around with effects on Track 2. It started as just a single note drone, which I added Melda's 'Autopitch' to, forcing it to try and fit in F#minor. This gave a weird, sort of half step back and forth effect, on top of which I added Portal to make it a bit weirder. I was mostly just experimenting, not trying to make anything specific, just seeing what happened with various combinations of Portal settings.

Track 3 was a last minute addition,

just adding a hi-hat from Nerve to have something to at least reference, if I liked any of the ideas. Track 4 was recorded from the Prophet V demo from Arturia. They have a TON of synths, all of which can be used as demos for 20 or 30 minutes, so you can easily write something and record it to audio before having to reset the VST. It just moves from a D, up to a G then A, then repeat. I added a pretty heavy envelope on the filter, and some on the amp, though it doesn't really swell in like I intended, so I figured I'd play around with the Prophet demo a bit more over the next few sessions. Finally I added a Strobe2 arpeggiator synth, which just plays the single note line below. I actually like the combination of this with the weird noise in Track 2, so maybe I'll take those two parts and see if I can't create something more interesting and complete around them.

Screen Shot 20210227 at 9.39.23 PM.png

Track 5, Strobe2 Synth

Listen to Antares here...

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