'Cinematique' - New Original Music - A Quick 5 Minute Timed Writing Challenge - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I figured I'd take a little break from

Track 1, Droney Synth
'Lens' song idea from the last few days, and do a quick little timed challenge and see if I could maybe make something worth exploring after I finish 'Lens', or at least spend some time with the new Spitfire instruments. This definitely isn't a finished song, and I think maybe needs some replacement instruments, or more layers, but I like the general idea. I started with Track 1, which is the noisey, almost horror sounding synth sound, which just plays 3 D's, 3 octaves apart over each 2 bar section, using one of the sounds in the 'Alex Lenz' instrument pack. Track 2 was recorded from another of those instruments in that pack, and was just a single D that was held out over the course of 36 bars or so. This sound begins as a drone, though other notes sort of fade in and out, and the sound itself morphs as you hold it out. I recorded it into audio just so there wouldn't be any variation with each repetition, and I could easily copy and paste it, since I was on the clock.

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Track 4, 'Intimate Strings'

Listen to Cinematique here...

For Track 3, I used the 'Intimate Strings' pack, the other

Track 3, 'Intimate Strings' Root Notes
of the two new sets, and is one of the 'Long' settings, essentially just legato notes. This plays 4 notes, which sort of act as root notes, altering the chords that are built from the two tracks above it, though they take up 3 bars each, which creates a sort of super slow, hidden polymeter between Tracks 1 and 3. It descends from a D to a B, then a Bb, and down to G, before repeating. Finally we have Track 4, which uses the 'Short Col Legno' setting, giving it a staccato, sort of percussive feeling. I think this one may be replaced, but in my head, I was envisioning a sort of creepy, horror sort of sound, though it's a bit harmonically straight-forward, so I'll try a few different things and see if they work better.