Grapthar's Song of the Day: Fugazi - 'Do You Like Me?'

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Fugazi - Do You Like Me?

Unlike a lot of the artist I've shared

over the last week, Fugazi are one of my favorite bands and I've shared them a lot on here, lol. But, it can't hurt to share more, so we are. They were formed in 1986 in Washington, D.C. by local mainstays Ian MacKaye (vocals, guitar), Joe Lally (bass) and Colin Sears (drums), but a year later, Sears was replaced by Brendan Canty (of Rites of Spring) who brought Guy Piccioto to the group, rounding out the four-piece. The band developed a massive following across the country (and the world) through their constant touring, and their incredibly unique sound. Though there is clearly a post-hardcore element to their music, it's hard to define them by a single genre. The group broke up in 2003, though they are still cited as a huge influence on bands to this day.

Listen to Do You Like Me? by Fugazi here.

This is the opening track on the band's

1995 album, Red Medicine, their fourth full length. Although this album isn't my favorite overall, it has some great tracks. I feel like when I share Fugazi here, I tend to share Ian MacKaye fronted songs, but today will be an exception, as this is, of course, Guy Piccioto singing. Their voices are so different and distinct, and yet they play off of each other really well, and provide an interesting difference between tracks, keeping things interesting. This song has some awesome, noisey rhythmic guitar parts, which I'm always partial to, and a Chorus that I'd call sort of catchy (in an aggressive, intense way).

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for checking out my blog, and Steem On!

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