'In the Lab' - New Original Music - Testing Out New Spitfire Audio LABS Strings! Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Spitfire Audio offers an incredible

free package, called LABS, where they release various instruments and plug-ins that anyone can use. They also update it pretty often, so there's always something new to try out, hence this song. I don't know if this is a tune I'd want to complete, though I do like when all the instruments are playing together, it wound being pretty cool. Keep in mind, there is no mixing/mastering done, so volume levels are a bit off; I basically just wanted to use all the various new instruments so I could hear them on multiple speakers, from the car, to headphones, etc.

Listen to In the Lab here.

Track 1 uses one of the

new instruments, the Pizzicato Ensemble, to provide our bass line. Track 2 uses the 'swell' strings, which sound awesome (with an additional delay/reverb plug in added), though you can't control the swell with this free version, so it takes some work to get it on beat/where you want it. Track 3 is an older LABS instruments, the Harmonic Birdsong Cello. Track 4 is another new one, the Bartok Pizz. Ensemble, which has a much more percussive sound than the regular pizz.

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Track 1, Pizzicato Ensemble.
Listen to In the Lab here.

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Track 5, LABS' Soft Piano.

Track 5 is the 'soft piano',

which has been a go-to for me for months, since I first discovered LABS. Tracks 6 and 7 work together for our drums, with the toms in 6, and the hihats in 7 (not a great beat, just wanted to add something so I could hear the instruments working with some percussion). Finally, we have Track 8, which is a trumpet from Native Instruments. A random, and not great, addition, just put in so I could hear the timbre of it with the strings, for future reference.

I know this song is more of an experiment for me to hear the various instruments, but I think there's a song idea in here somewhere, so I'll continue working on it, or maybe chop it up, and see what it can become!

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Nice song dude, it has many potential, I could imagine myself watching a mysterious and scary scene in some film. I encourage you to keep working on it!

Keep in mind, there is no mixing/mastering done, so volume levels are a bit off
I believe there is not much mixing to do with orchestral instruments as they often already work well together? Idk I'm not very familiar with that style tho. But yeah you might want to reajust the volume of some elements as you said, as well as adding some elements. For instance, I feel like the toms could have some more punch by having different layer of toms for example. Maybe not when the drums start, but later to keep it interesting and dynamic. But as you said, it was an experiment for you to discover how the instruments work together so I'm sure it had the job done ;) Now if you plan on making it an actual song then you might consider this :) I think big orchestral drums are key.

Thanks! I really appreciate you checking it out. Yea, after listening to this a few times, I decided I'm gonna take the portion of the song with all the strings, and the piano, and build up a more complete song from that. Definitely ditching the toms. I have some timpani's that I use a lot for orchestral drums, but I got kind of burnt out on them, that's why they didn't show up here, but I had the same idea, hah.

That's great :D Let us know when you're done with this :)

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