'Intimat' - New Original Music - Exploring a New Spitfire Pack: Intimate Strings - Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So I was playing around with one of the new

Track 1, Root Notes
instrument packs from Spitfire, the 'Intimate Strings', which I purchased the other day. It's one the $29 packs, which are a great deal, and have some awesome sounds. I wasn't sure if I needed another string pack, but these are quite different from BBC Symphony Orchestra and the other LABS sounds I have, and have a number of variations and effects that I'll definitely find useful in the future. I just threw this together last night using a few different sounds, but it wound up being kind of cool, maybe something I'll revisit in the future. Track 1 outlines what are essentially root notes, with everything else building up the chords around that, though not always vertically, with some moving lines helping to keep things rolling. The progression begins on D (major), to D/F#, an E (major, substituted for the ii), to a Dmaj, Gmin, and Bmin, then repeat. Track 2 plays along with Track 1, harmonizing at some points, doubling at others.

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Track 4, Pizz. Strings #1

Listen to Intimat here...

Track 3 is another 'long' string section (legato), which

Track 5, Pizz. Strings #2
plays an octave up, sticking to chord tones, though it does have some anticipation, playing an F# over half of the E chord, in anticipation of the D that is coming next, which also adds some motion (though that wasn't intentional at the time, hehe). Tracks 4 and 5 are both pizzicato string sections, and further outline these chords, with some other lines put in the big rests over the 4th bar each time around. The last addition was Track 6, which used the 'long harmonics', played in a very high register, adding some extensions which at some points work, but need to be shifted around a bit I think if this were to become something more complete.