'Lens' - New Original Music - Ambient Weirdness, Rough Draft 1 - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This idea came together last night,

Track 2, Dyads, Outlining the 4 chord progression
starting with a little vocal sample which I slowed down by half, pitched down an octave, then reversed to get a weird little swell (in Track 4). I wound up repeating it a bunch, but now that I've got the rest of the idea, I'm going to delete a bunch of them, and place them more strategically, and pitch a few to fit some of the other changes. Track 2 uses a new instrument pack I purchased from Spitfire Audio, from Alex Lenz, which has some really cool, strange ambient stuff, along with some noisey sound, all of which I'll try and experiment with and incorporate over the next weeks and months. There is a lot to explore there, which could be really useful in a lot of situations. Track 3 was recorded from another of these new sounds into audio, which I reversed again to make some more swells. This one probably will be left as is, though I need to go through and fix a lot of the rhythms. Essentially, I ignored the grid mapping, trying to just build it around these audio clips, but I'm going to fix that, though I don't think it'll be particularly obvious.

Screen Shot 20210222 at 9.42.59 PM.png

Listen to Lens here...

Track 5 was recorded from another new Spitfire pack,

New Alex Lenz Spitfire Instrument
the 'Intimate Strings', which played some low bass notes, which I reversed and covered in reverb and delay, along with automating the delay feedback to get those distorted swells. Track 6 is an Iris2 synth, which also is super reverb/delay laden, which adds some little digital sparkly accents. Tracks 7 and 8 are drum tracks, with 7 adding a hi-hat which is pitched pretty low, and again covered in reverb. Track 8 adds a kick, which uses various delays and reverbs along with Portal. Finally, we have Track 9, which is a Strobe2 Arp. Synth, which just hits single notes along with the kicks, which trail off into the distance like most of the other tracks. I love the general idea here, but it is super rough, so I'll do some work tonight and hopefully have something really good to share tomorrow!

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