'Lens (Version 3.5)' - New Original Music - Adding Some More Things Before Going In and Removing Stuff Tonight - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 20210224 at 9.37.31 PM.png

Last night I decided to add some more

Track 9, Yellow Section
stuff to this song idea, and then I figured I'd go back through and begin to cut things out, along with dropping the intensity of some (maybe a lot) of the effects. I also need to change up what kinds of reverb are used where; since this was just a rough idea, I used Ableton's default reverb return track for a lot of it. I like that reverb, but when it's used all over the place, everything sort of gets washed together, so I'm hoping that more specific reverbs in smaller doses will help to eliminate that. As you can see in the overview above, the second half of the 'main' section (before the outro) is now a bunch of different colors. Essentially, I double-timed the kicks, arp. synths, and a few other things, so it would pick up a little bit before the outro. The biggest problem with this is that the dynamics don't change much between the parts, so that'll hopefully be one of the many things that becomes more obvious when the reverbs are pulled back. Track 9, which originally just hit a single note that would trail off with the kicks, now plays a little more, filling in the gaps with the progression pictured next to this paragraph. Track 12 is another new addition, using the 'Intimate Strings', over that 2nd half part. I'm definitely going to edit this some more, but for now it at least adds a little more movement between the chord hits.

Screen Shot 20210224 at 9.37.56 PM.png

Track 12, Spitfire 'Intimate Strings' w/ Bitcrusher and P

Listen to Lens (Version 3.5) here...

Track 16 is another Initimate Strings instrument, which

Track 18 (and 19 below), Fading Out and In
comes in with Track 12, playing the roots and thirds of the chords. This too needs tweaking, and maybe some fading in/out so it isn't just droning along the whole time. Tracks 18 and 19 were a last minute addition, and play these 32nd note scalar lines, which are mostly used at the beginning and end of sections where they fade in. I'm not sure how much I like this, but figured I'd leave it, and give it a few listens to determine if maybe I could use another instrument here, or just remove it entirely. In the first screenshot, there is also a Track 20, which was a snare pattern with some heavy delay, but I removed it, at least on this version. After I fix all the levels and reverb and stuff, I'll try adding it back in, maybe with different hits, and see if it works better then.

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