'Lenz (Version 2)' - New Original Music - Changing Some Things in Yesterday's Song Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 20210223 at 9.37.55 PM.png

So I took the idea from yesterday

Track 2, Ending
and spent some time deleting certain things, and setting everything thing up to actually line up with barlines. The song is a bit shorter, and definitely needs to be mixed again, now that thing shave shifted around, but I think overall this was a good idea, as it makes it way easier for me to deal with. Yesterday's version was filled with things placed randomly, based on the audio clips and not the Ableton session. As you can see in the screenshot above, the beginning of the song, before the drums come in, has been chopped off almost entirely. It was essentially just that vocal loop repeated a few times, with the instrument in Track 2 swelling in and out. I left one of those vocal clips in Track 4, along with one of the reversed bass clips, before all of the instruments come. There is also a new addition, Track 11, which was recorded from a Strobe2 synth. I set the arpeggiator to 1/32nd, and recorded a few little chords from that. It had a heavy delay effect, and a long tail when it faded out, which I cut up, then reversed, to swell back into each kick hit. The volume level is too low, or at least doesn't cut through the mix, so that'll hopefully be corrected as I mix this.

Screen Shot 20210223 at 9.38.27 PM.png

Ending, 1 Bar Pieces from Each of the Locators, Creating a New Ending

Listen to LENZ here...

As you can see in the overview screenshot, there are a

Track 6, Moved onto the barlines
number of 'locators' at the top, which divide up the grid into 8 bar sections. This was initially just to help me see where the actual grid was, but, as I had the song playing, I began clicking through the locators, which made for an interesting effect. I recorded this (from the master track) into Track 10, which became the new ending of the song. I doubled up a few of tracks, as they weren't as obvious because of the short size of the clips, and had that continue until the song faded out. Tonight, I'm going to go through everything and adjust the levels, add some EQ's, compressors, etc. and hopefully it'll be a little less dark and muddy tomorrow. I was also thinking a few more little twinkly, digital sounds at random points might help break things up a bit, and add a little more interest, so I'll experiment on that front as well.

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