'Neo Space Race' - New Original Music! Electronic/Retro/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 2019-03-24 20.16.46.png

This tune is from a few

nights back, and I just put some extra finishing touches on last night. I wanted it to have a bit of an 80s/retro vibe, hence the arpeggiated synth and the gated reverb on the snare (something I am just beginning to experiment with, so apologies that it isn't entirely there yet, I'll get it soon lol). This is one of the quicker songs I've done recently, essentially we are at 160 BPM (technically mapped in 80, but everything is double timed). Let's go through it!

Listen to Neo Space Race here.

Track 1 provides the main

bass line for the song, and consists of 2 main parts, Orange and Blue, which divide up the same into every other instrument. In the Orange section, we begin on our tonic of D(minor), then Gminor, Fmajor, and Gminor. For the 2nd set of 4 bars in Orange, we move from Dminor, to Gminor, Fmajor, and finally Ebmajor (flat 2), before moving on. In the Blue section, things change a bit. Initially, it plays a Dminor, to Gmajor this time, then Bbmajor, to Cmajor. The 2nd time through, we change the Dminor to a major chord, to Gmajor, Bbmajor and Cmajor again.

Screenshot 2019-03-24 20.16.58.pngTrack 1, Orange and Blue together.
Listen to Neo Space Race here.
Screenshot 2019-03-24 20.17.28.pngTrack 3, Beepy Melody over Orange and Blue sections.

Track 2 provides a some extra

harmonies over the bass notes, and Track 3 (pictured above) a beepy little melody. The Group of 3 tracks that follows is our drums, just kicks, snares and hihats at certain points. The next group is 2 audio tracks used for little transition swells/crescendos. Finally, we have Tracks 11 and 12. Track 11 follows Track 3 at points, adding an extra layer of synthiness. Track 12 only plays over our Blue sections, essentially harmonizing with Track 3 also.

I hope you've enjoyed the walkthrough and today's song! Thanks for listening!

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