'Oriyun' - New Original Music - A Quick 5 Minute Creation, Lots of BitCrushing - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 20210221 at 9.33.07 PM.png

This wasn't technically a timed challenge,

Portal effect on the drums, Track 3
but I only spent five minutes on it, so I figured I'd share it, and then maybe try and build an actual tune on top of it tonight. Basically, it's just some droney noise and drums, and a bass line I added, though I dislike the bass part, at least as things are currently, as it takes up a lot of the same space as the drums. Track 1 is the bass part, which just moves from Bb to G 2x, then Gb to Eb 2x, but again, that definitely will be replaced if I take the drums someplace else. Track 2 was just the audio from Track 1, as I was going to maybe warp/edit the audio a bit. Track 3 is the drum track, which uses a super simple kick and snare pattern. It has a bitcrusher on top, along with a Portal effect, which I automated so it accents the kicks and creates some cool, granulated weirdness. Track 4 was originally just a riser from some random sample pack, which I added WAY too many effects to (reverb, multiple delays, vocoder, etc). I added some automation to the feedback of one of the delays to create some more interesting sounds. I also realized that when we reach the peak of the swells, it sort of sounded like hi-hats, so I recorded that small portion into Track 5, and figured maybe that could be used for hats. If I decide to try and make this a song, Track 4 probably won't be used under the whole thing, it was more just so I could hear it multiple times when listening on my phone, or in the car.

Screen Shot 20210221 at 9.33.28 PM.png

Half of the random effects on Track 4

Listen to Oriyun here...

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