'Steem Beats' - Original Music/Throwback to One of My First Ableton Songs I Wrote for Steemit! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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I figured this would be a cool

song to revisit. It was one of the first songs I did by myself on my own copy of Ableton (originally I was working with my friend Anthony on his computer before getting it set up on mine), and it was one of the first songs I shared on Steemit, nearly 2 years ago now! I had some basic knowledge about mixing/recording at this point, but I was not super informed as to the intricacies, especially of a program like Ableton, so it's a little cringey to relisten; volume levels are kinda all over the place, I didn't use any compressors/gates/EQ's, and the instruments used are a lot of the defaults, but I still like the general harmonic idea, and definitely would consider re-mixing, maybe even completely redoing, this song entirely.

Listen to Steem Beats here.

The main instrument is the

Chorus-laden guitar synth, which is used as our bass part here. I like how it came out kinda dark and surfy, with some changes in the rhythm section I think that aspect could be really brought out. At the end of the song, I accidentally pasted the drum midi into this instrument, but it wound up sounding pretty amazing, so with some tweaking, that became the outro. I still love the dissonances in this progression, it has a really interesting, sort of proggy melody to it.

I hope you enjoy today's throwback song! Thanks for listening!

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