'Ultrapiano' - New Original Music/Demo/Song Idea! Electronic/Piano-Centric/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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This another song like the last 2,

piano based, using a bass guitar, with the right hand doing a little droney diad thing. This is in the same key (Ebminor) as the other 2, but this has sections that take place over 12 bars, instead of 8. I liked having these all share a sort of general theme, which forced me to try and come up with slight variations and changes to make them all distinct despite the similarities. Let's go through it.

Listen to Ultrapiano here.

Track 1 is our piano which has 2

main parts, the Purple and Green segments, both of which are 12 bars long. Again, the right hand sticks to 1/2 note diads, although this time it isn't just an Eb5, and has some changes that harmonize with the bass/left hand parts going on underneath. I will attach screenshot below of both sections, so feel free to follow along.

Screenshot 2018-09-15 20.35.29.pngTrack 1, Purple Section, described above.
Listen to Ultrapiano here.
Screenshot 2018-09-15 20.35.36.pngTrack 2, Green section, described above.
Listen to Ultrapiano here.
Screenshot 2018-09-15 20.35.44.pngTrack 2, bass guitar, Orange section, described below.

The bass guitar happens in Track 2,

and is divided into Orange and Blue sections, instead of Purple and Green. The Orange section is pictured above, and follows the chord tones but utilizes some 3rds and 5ths to add some variation, and at one point uses the iv in the key before resolving down to the III, which I actually mapped accidentally initially, but it worked really well.

Listen to Ultrapiano here.

Tracks 3, 4 and 5 all provide

percussion instruments of various kinds. Track 3 is just shakers, with Tracks 4 and 5 coming in to add congas, bongos, wood blocks, and various other Latin percussion. I am not sure how much of these 3 tracks would be used if this ever became a "real" song, rather than a demo of sorts, but they work well enough for now to keep the beat and divide the song into obvious sections.

I hope you've enjoyed the walkthrough and the song idea/demo! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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I enjoyed the piano it has a great power and emotional style to it that comes well through.

I have great love for music..Great instrumental for awesome songs