'Womp' - New Original Music/Short Song Idea! Electronic/HipHop/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Here's a short tune from

a few days ago that I was playing around with. Not sure if I'd ever fully expand this, I kinda like how short it is. The piano is from those new VSTs I downloaded from Spitfire Audio, and the drums are a kit from a kit that I actually never used before this, somehow I've missed it in the list of drums haha. Let's go through it!

Listen to Womp here.

Track 1 plays our main

progression, which uses chords from both C major and minor. It could be in either key, and just borrowing from the parallel key. We begin on Fmajor, then Ebmajor, to Cmajor. Then we go to Fminor, Gminor, and Cmajor. 3rd time around, Fminor to Gminor to Cminor, and finally the 4th bar: Fminor, Gminor and Cmajor, then repeat. Track 2 is our drums, and Track 3 our bassline, which moves exclusively between C and Bb then back again.

Screenshot 2019-03-26 20.11.00.pngTrack 1, full progression.

Track 4 plays the little

high pitched, sort of hissy melody at the end of the song, as things fade out, just moving back and forth between G and C. The next 2 tracks are audio samples used for transitioning between parts. Track 7 adds some digital tom sounds as things fade out, and finally we have Track 8, which adds another synthy melody over the end in the background, jumping between a low and high C and a G in the middle.

I hope you've enjoyed the walkthrough and dig the song! Thanks for listening!

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