The Lurch Song - "You Rang?"

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This song is a tribute to Ted Cassidy also known as Lurch, and his famous line "You Rang?" is the title for the song because I edited his voice into the music video. I already lost two subscribers on YouTube ... Lol ... as soon as I uploaded the video so maybe it's not for everyone, but it's supposed to be a funny song and feature Lurch saying "You Rang?"

I posted his hit song "The Lurch" and also posted several clips of Ted Cassidy in other roles like "Lurch the teenage idol" on the Addams Family, Ruk in Star Trek, and a classic knife fight scene in the movie "Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid".

I ended with a couple of clips about the life of Ted Cassidy for anyone who is interested

So anyway I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching so here goes ...

The Lurch Song - "You Rang?"

The Lurch Song - "You Rang?"

He was a giant of a man and his hair was grey
he was tall as a steeple on a church
He was a music virtuoso and I guess you could say
he was the legend that we all call Lurch

Lurch you are a legend
the biggest part of the Addams gang
Lurch we still can hear him
Every time he says "You Rang?"

Gong - "You Rang?"

He was the butler in a mansion and his friend was thing
and he groaned and he mumbled when he sang
and when a stranger came to visit and the bell would ring
he would greet them and would say "You Rang?"

Chorus - piano solo

"You wanted something?"
"You want my ... harpsichord?"


People fainted and they shook when they heard his voice
cause it was loud, it was powerful and low
and he entertained the guests on the harpsichord
pushing pedals as the dust would flow


"You Rang?"

the end

The Lurch - 1965

Lurch, The Teenage Idol - 1965

Ted Cassidy - Star Trek Episode

Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid - Knife Fight

Ted Cassidy Interview 1970s

The Life and Sad Ending of Ted Cassidy


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