BitSong has introduced the solution for every problem in music industry | ICO IS LIVE NOW

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BitSong has introduced the solution for every problem in music industry | ICO IS LIVE NOW

Bitsong Overview

BitSong is a new music platform, which will be built using the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distribuited filesystem.
BitSong is a program that is dedicated to musicians and listeners.this project will solve all the major problems related to music world. Problems related to merging could be solved by bitSong.
On producing a song on BitSong platform, advertisers can attach advertisments. Users can also access from any device.the artist and the listeners will get upto 90% of the profits invested by the advertiser for each advertisement listened. Donations can also be received by the fans for your next album.
Musicians generally don't have enough money to write, compose and list that song on music streaming platforms.bitSong platform will give profits for the artists and the users who listen to their songs. This will create money saving opportunity for advertisers.
The main goal is to be available on any smart tv,through smartphone App Store ,on any personal computer with a software.

Problems in music industry:

1: Finance:

in a hope they finance it with own money , contact a record label.the hope is that they are interested in the song, investing and publishing just to get the best sales through it. This takes many days or you can say many months to get the desired achievements and outcomes.
However this does not happens because of the shortage of finance with the artists to make a music video. This is because the artists does not have the right contacts and the record labels do not invest their time and efforts in the artist may find it difficult to gains.

2: Advertiser:

BitSong,due to the ethereum blockchain, finally wants to resolve these problems that is becoming a hurdle to the emerging artists within the world of music.
Biting will provide the golden opportunities for the advertisers to reach to their audiences easily by leaving behind the intermediaries. These intermediaries increase the advertising cost.the choice is being given to choose the amount to invest in each advertising.
The advertisers will get data to measure the results of their marketing campaign.

3: Earnings:

Think about it that when steaming platform, listening music videos you must have negotiated the use of the platform by giving away your time while these advertisements are played.this is time when you do not get any benefits watching them.
bitSong main aim is to pay the users an amount for watching and listening to the advertisements within the piece of musician proportion to the amount spent by the advertiser. Ten percent of the amount will be retained by BitSong for ongoing costs of developing the platform and the remaining 90% will be divided between the users who listen and the artist who creates the song.

4: Migration:

A big thanks to our innovative listening platform paying for user attention. By the use of BitSong platform on any device(TV, smartphone ,PC, car radio) the users will increase the traditional ecosystems of listening to music.

Solution Given By BitSong Platform

1. Crypto Wallet:

Funds via the Bitsong token $ BTSG will be credited to the artist wallet imme- diately and they will be able to withdraw or convert as they see fit.

2. Real time Progress:

Artists need no longer wait several months before a record label sends va- rious reports, they can check the progress in real time directly within his Ethereum Wallet.


On using BitSong, the advertiser will have not to pay the additional intermediaries and also have greater clarity on costs.they can create their own advertising campaign through a special advertising tool within the BitSong platform. An appropriate target is being chosen on this platform.

Once the target is being chosen the advertiser will choose the amount (in $BTSG) that the advertiser wants to invest for each advertisement session. the More you bid ,the more visibility the advertising will the BitSong completely discourages the intermediaries ,the advertiser will not have to pay astronomical figures. And this allows the advertiser to decide the budget they wish to spend for individual advertising.


BitSong without harming the work of the artists ,accepts within their platform ,all songs ,that are not plagiarism, but the result of the work and originality of the artists.

If in any case our technology finds that a song has already been registered by any other user previously than BitSong platform will require further verifications. This verification would be done through the official social profiles and certificates, just to protect the work of the individual artist.

Bitsong (BTSG) Tokens

The BitSong Token which is BTSG is the in-built token which will help you to do various jobs like uploading your own songs, Selling your songs, donating trough BTSG token, earning $BTSG token during your play, you can also listen to your songs on any Televisions as well as you can get sponsor for your songs or your business in this industry. So, here is the chance to get more and more profit through music industry and in this BitSong will help you.

Bitsong ICO Details

Bitsong Public Sale has started and it has already reached its softcap. Anyone can but BTSG token by ETH. And please do not buy your token from direct exchange. The token sale will remain live for 90 days. Hard cap of BitSong Token is 473.7 Million tokens.
It is the time time you should grab and get a lot of profit in your bucket as soon as possible.

Do visit on BitSong Official website for more live updates and join its social media platforms.
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