Out of Phase // Showcase Sunday

in #music2 years ago

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Out of Phase is one of the few songs that holds a deep meaning for me.

It's about feeling lost and disconnected, like a leaf blowing in the wind.

Trying to find my path, reconciling the dark and the light, while trying to connect to a higher level of consciousness, understanding, and Divine wisdom.

I've been feeling incredibly lost lately so this song has been on my mind.
Sometimes I just get this overwhelming feeling that there is no point to my existence.
I feel a simultaneous sensation of tightness and emptiness in my chest.
I feel alone even when surrounded by others.
I just want to sleep forever.

Thank you for listening and for your support... I truly appreciate it.


Hope those dark clouds of loneliness go away soon, or maybe they will guide you to the creativity well where all good music seeds sway randomly... then I selfishly wish they remain a bit more.
Sending love’n hugs over there ❤️


You know I love your songs! :-)

I was trying to remember the name of this Sunday theme, if I remember, I'll have one for next Sunday. I was doing my own throwback Thursday but I should start doing the showcase Sunday instead, since that is an initiative that's already going on.

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