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RE: Devil on my back! OnklP/Damien/Fyrstikken

in #music3 years ago (edited)

Hey dear @fyrstikken If I had $200 VOTE value, I must give you. But alos I have very low SP so the vote is very little.
You have done really Mind-blowing job. I have listened this song 3 time and must appreciate your talent. You should continue this amazing thing as I must say that this is your PASSION. You have proved your talent in working side (Booster Bot) and now here at your PASSION side.
All the very best Sir, please keep it up and always stay blessed!


your money is no good here, thank you for a greatly appreciated comment.

Thanks a lot for your response. I am so blessed that I am connected with the most generous people of this platform. Stay Blessed @fyrstikken!

thanks, you too :)

Keep it on sir . there's delay but not injustice

Be optimist sir

wow look like good

Amazing way to sing so fast.