Who are Joelle & Stephi ?

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Joelle (right):
I discovered my passion for guitar when I was 11 years old. I have had a wonderful teacher over several years and he taught me everything you need to play the guitar. Starting with a school band, later electric guitar and "Death Metal" and then again a long break ... At some point I discovered for me the "Flamenco and Spanish guitar", which would not let me go. ... and again after a long break I am improving my guitar playing and hope that this time I will not have to take any breaks more ...

Stephi (left):
I've always wanted learn to play the guitar, bought a western guitar and realized quite quickly that I would not get ahead by myself ... After a few years I met Joelle, it was a great pity that she did not play anymore ... So We decided to play together and finally our channel was born...

In November 2017 we started teaching ourselves to play the clarinet. This works well, we need nothing more than a clarinet, a music book and a matching the CD from the book.

For questions, interest or suggestions write us!

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