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Last week, Sunday afternoon, I assisted a friend with his latest music video for his YouTube channel, " cookeonbass". We selected a location, he had already chosen the song, and I suggested using two cameras, which made him very excited, as he said it was the first time he had been able to produce a video this way.

We gathered the gear, bass guitar, amp, a tablet, one iPad, two chairs and a dog and set up in one of our most favorite places in the Mission. We positioned 1st camera on the "hands" medium shot, and I filmed 2nd camera wide angle with the iPad. Justin did a few practice runs and we filmed four full takes. We had a blast, From the on lookers, to the wind, the noises on the streets and people walking in front of us, etc. it was so much fun.

After several days of editing, collaborating on effects, cuts and shots, we wrapped it, uploaded it and he submitted it Thursday morning to his YouTube channel. He beamed every time he mentioned the two cameras, and the time he took to edit it, saying it was his most (professional) video to date, and couldn't wait to do it again.

Final results are linked below. I hope you enjoy! He's quite good! It might not be your favorite taste in music, but it's worth listening to at least once.

Special thanks to:
Little Spot Cafe & Staff


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