Bender's and Dirty Denim - San Francisco

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I'm beginning to settle in to the nightlife in the Bay Area. Hanging out with a musician helps get you into the open-mic scene which is fun and going to see rock bands with friends and band member friends, yada yada yada, friends of friends of band members friends, etc. etc. etc. anyway it's fun and I get to stay out past midnight doing something besides watching a movie.

A few weeks ago it was Bender's bar and grill right on the street I stay on in the Mission District, so it was easily within walking distance. We wandered in to listen and enjoy the music of Dirty Denim, an all girl band consisting of Lauren, Katie and Raquel.
Lauren is the blond on the left, Raquel is the drummer and Katie is the (redhead) singer/guitarist on the right. I was introduced to Lauren by my friend, he knows her, and I complimented them at the end of the night regarding their set and Katie introduced herself to me.

I enjoyed their set very much. It's been a while since I've been able to go out and listen to music. We sat at the (food) bar and realized Bender's has a pretty good menu! And Greg the chef advised they make everything but a few items from scratch . We ordered the tater tots with homemade ketchup.
I don't normally do ketchup, but this was good. And since they served them in Chinese food containers, I asked for chopsticks.

Greg also commented in his (many) years there, I was the ONLY person he'd seen eat the tater-tots with chopsticks! Yummy food, good entertainment and great company. Awesome night out! Lola could have attended with us, however the loudness of the music would not have been good for her ears. Humans can get earplugs at the main bar for $1.00. Sometimes they're worth it!
More to come from the city by the bay!


It seemed like you had a great night out!

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