Original Metal Song: Rich Girl, With Fingerpicking

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Another bad recording. I do not and never knew how to record. All of my recordings are basically a way to get my ideas down. The drums are particularly bad and the mix is not good. But, I think the song has merit. The song has a clean finger-picked part which is fast which I really like. I think it fills out the mix nicely.

I have been having major troubles uploading to Dsound, and now cannot upload at all. If I can get it working, I will switch this to Dsound, but for now, I made a video with no images on Vimeo:

As far as recording goes, I hope to get into it someday. My first questions would be:

Cheap vocal mic that sounds good (SM58?)
Cheap drum creation software that sounds good with default samples?

If I could nail these things down, maybe I could ease into recording. Until then, my recordings are basically just a recorded notebook of myself.


very good sound and lyrics. But please dont put introduceyourself thag. then you wont get that much upvotes as you already did your intro. Now its time to rock like this song. I am your wellwisher.

Thanks man. Agreed. Removed. Not looking for upvotes anyway. Only exposure to get some feedback. I would rather have your comment than your upvote.

welcome!follow me,good..


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