Original Metal Song - Un-Named - Written and Recorded 24 hrs

in #music4 years ago

I had always wanted to write a metal song (even though metal is not my main style). So I wrote, practiced and recorded this one in 24 hrs. It has no name:

It is simply about waiting for something, which is funny because I was not patient when creating this song.

The drum track is not the best. I think it holds up for being a first quick try at metal. It is fun at least.

And yes, the 24 hrs was consecutive. Sometimes I just obsess over things until they are finished. The end of the song is acoustic where you will hear my normal style of playing.

I have other metal songs that are better now. But those are for later. If I give you those first, well, then you will like this one less.

Here it is:


If you liked the one above, check out a much better song I wrote:



With better production it would be fine. I assume you headed that way but everyone making demos at home from the big guys to the beginners are using superior drummer for the drum tracks. I love to listen to metal but find new stuff uninspiring and cookie cutter (lol, says the cookie cutter melodic ballad guitar player ha). look forward to hearing more.

You're not cookie cutter that is why I follow you. Your original composition holds interest which is something that cookie cutter does not do. Also, you have a great range of tones which sound awesome. But I'm not surprised that you are very modest.

It's good musically. Vocals could use some work. The mix could be adjusted too. Vocals and drums are too loud, making it hard to hear the drums. Well done for your first shot at metal, though!

Ya. Agreed. No real equipment to record this. The mic I used for the vocals, not good. I would be better off with a cheap SM58. But thanks!

Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to jonnydonuts.

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