Estonian atmospheres - A gift for my country

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I am going to tell you a bit about one project where I participated for 2 years and with whom I had 3 performances.

Estonian atmospheres - Eestimaa atmosfäärid

The Estonian atmospheres is a gift from us to our country for its 100th birthday, which focuses on the yearbook of Estonia. It is the first major project involving all the nationwide youth collectives - the Estonian Male Choir Society, the Estonian Boys Choir, the Estonian Girls Choir, the All-Estonian Girl's Choir, Estonian Youth Mixed Choir and Estonian Youth Wind Instrument Orchestra.

(I am playing in the last mentioned collective)

The major project combines music, sounds and visual echoes into a special meditative journey.

I told my conductor that I'm going to the toilet... Actually I was taking this picture for You

In addition to music, the piece also features a visual beauty - scenes from different parts of Estonia from different seasons, created by the stage design artist Getter Vahar. The concert sound was brought together by professional artists.

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