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Here, I share with you the music I've come across that has a certain quality to it, rare and elusive. The kind of music that moves you so deeply in a way that you can't understand or describe. The lyrics or music or video may make no sense to your brain, but it does to your soul. It's beautifully cathartic and inspiring.

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Artist: Funeral

Album: From These Wounds

This is one of those times when a piece of music has struck me with pure awe and I have no doubt at all what to post next in this series.

I first got this album a few years ago, when I was maybe 14 (give or take). In search of the deepest extremes, I really liked this one. I was on a quest to find the most dark, melancholic music possible, because nothing was ever enough, much like my quest to also find the most heavy, aggressive metal I could find.

In my journey I've found a few pieces of music that satisfy that itch and this album magically fits into both categories. Saturated and dripping pure emotion, Norway's Funeral, which has gone through many lineup changes, achieves a sound on this album unique from their other releases. The music, a heavy blanket around your soul, both crushes you with chugging metal riffs and caresses you with slower, softer parts. Metal music combined with string sections synergizes incredibly in From These Wounds. The silky smooth voice of the great Frode Forsmo, generously layered with harmonies, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

These sounds set the mood perfectly for Forsmo's lyrics on this album. Dealing primarily with death and sickness, something about this utterly enchants me and soothes me.

(note: the lyrics on darklyrics are not entirely accurate, so use your ears!)

Every song on From These Wounds is incredible in its own way, and it's difficult to pick any favorites to highlight for you. One song that caught my attention from the very beginning was Saturn. Saturn (lyrics) tells a haunting story of a man who admit himself into a psychiatric ward and experiences all the horrors they have to offer, developing tardive dyskinesia (a side effect of anti-psychotic medication) and feeling worse than before, as well as feeling betrayed by the medical system, selfishly prioritizing profit rather than truly caring to help people in pain.

In The Architecture Of Loss (lyrics), our character faces death. This song, as most on the album, builds its way to a beautiful climax (don't just take my word for it; give it a listen!)

As darkness and light collide I finally understand
Atheism and faith unite as nature lets go of my mind
As I let go to never ever again be here
Passing into the empty void, never again to be scared

The title track, From These Wounds (lyrics) maintains the album's depressive and slightly bitter theme, but this time with its focus on social commentary rather than personal experience. From These Wounds very eloquently acknowledges the truth about the condition of the world we live in.

This album is a true masterpiece. I'm very thankful to have rediscovered it. Sometimes you find a piece of music that is exactly what you need to hear, whether it takes one listen or a few dozen listens to scratch the itch you didn't know you had. It's an incredible experience and the perfect reminder of the power of sound. Food for the soul.

Bon appétit!

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Stay tuned for more deeply moving music in a week or two!


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