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RE: Sound Legion Presents Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 - Official Track List - Cover Art Winners - Album Download

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What an incredible list of esteemed steemian artists to be included with!
I bow before you all.

Congratulations to @wilins! Awesome job on the cover design!

Thanks so much to @soundlegion for compiling these incredible artists into one easy place for listeners to sample original music from around the globe.
Our Steemit platform is richer because of this.

Congratulations AND Blessings and smiles to you all!

Nathan Kaye you are a rock star my friend... I am so glad to have you officially apart of the steemit artists compilation. I couldnt even express accurately what a fantastic find you are. huge ups to you and blessings on your journey my friend you are going many places with those skills and will be touching many lifes, as I am sure you already have and are. stay posted for next weeks official post as i will be dropping the official stock footage clip video and artists spotlights.

By the way @soundlegion, your collab with modern day jesters track is so superb! Just brilliant emotive music and lyrics!
I wish that was on the compilation!

You are on this compilation Side B. There are two sides to volume 5. No way would not include you in this new series.

Yeah, I knew that, hun, (and thanks so much lovely! I am deeply honoured to be on any side at any number).
What I said was that I wish YOU were on this compilation with that awesome collaboration. ;)

ahh I see my friend I was wondering why you said that.. had me confused a min.. haha no worries no worries and yeah should have jumped that one on there, maybe will get that one on the volume 6 comp. huge love to you, your praise on that piece humbles me it was an emotional collab inspirational experience. I got to get a collab in with you at some point, gotta be something fire hot!!

Haha! You also had me stumped for a second, then I worked out what you thought I'd said. hehe... All good!

Yes! Collab should happen! Now that I know you love the melodic vibe it gives me a ballpark we could flow with when the time aligns.
Bliss bless!

Naaaw! Thanks so much, radiant lass!

Well, if I can help make even just a handful of people’s lives, at least temporarily, better with my music, then I am happy.
My philosophy is that, whilst art is an expression of human emotion and experience, art is at its highest intention when it is designed to improve people’s lives. I strive for that. I might not succeed at that lofty goal, but I’ll keep creating my artistic output with that in heart and mind.

It’ll be great to see this stock footage clip! That’s exciting!

Blessings to you, lovely being!

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