Steemit Holidays : National Barber Shop Quartet Day 💈

in #musiclast month (edited)

Hey Steemitland ...

Today is a very special Holiday here on Steemit.

We all celebrate National Barbershop 💈 Quartet Day.

We gather in groups of 4 ... everyone standing 6- apart ... i- 6- i - 6 - i -6- i .... so we need 18 feet total.

And we sing in 4 part harmony....

Here is an oldy ..... one of my favourite barber shop quartets.

1950s Barbershop Quartet

One more from the Good Olde days ...

Source: Youtube


What a fine initiative. I wish we could celebrate that here.

You just need to find 3 others who like to sing in harmony.... even really badly ... maybe do it over Skype ? Record it and post to YouTube and Steemit.

Ha. I've gone off that day now. You can keep it.

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