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I'm going to bore you with another post about music. Still working from the premise that there is more talent on the street than we will ever find in a studio, I'm going to make the always risky comparison between an original, whose creation I admire, and a copy which I adore. I should also tell you I have developed a taste for live sound and that means I have a bias towards a slightly rougher audio mix, but hey, we love what we love and I'll remain unapologetic for mine.

These days it's possible for people to form a band without ever setting foot in the same room, or the same Country for that matter, and I'm starting to find this to be true for other aspects of life as well.

I'll start with my favorite version from the YouTube channel of Rob Lundgren:

Here the original with a lot more polish from SpinefarmRec:

This comparison is not intended to label either of these, or declare a winner, it is only about personal preference.
At a minimum I hope this was entertaining, thank you for your time.

Care to render an opinion in the comments? Please do!


Oh, and one more thing. The song is missing 2 notes at the end, ...

A bouquet for the first video artists? No, not this tub of ill-matched polyanthus roses. They deserve something more impressive. But it's the "anthus" in amaranthine I was going for. As for the "immortal and unfading"quality of amarantos may we still believe in the shimmer....

Spectacular example of layering.
I do apologise, and will politely write it off to personal preference, learning by example, the second video is not in the same league and just a song. The lady is clearly not into layering up: she prefers simple slips. Maybe I'm just jealous of all that hair, hair, hair everywhere.

Thanks for the flowers, mismatched or otherwise. Hair? Silver linings are better according to a mutual friend.
May the shimmer be with us forever...

I've lost some (proverbial) sleep on one thing, we may come to later (hope you had a nice first day on set), and another trying to context and discover "our mutual friend". If only to try and keep the brain in shape. There will be nothing left if no inner cohesion! Whom are you referring to? It goes to show how mental overlap is gymnastics.

I suddenly had to think of the film title, Silver Linings (unrelated to what you mean to refer to no doubt) but curious how there is throwing through windows, Hemmingway, and always amusing: a straight-talking piece of American eye-candy in a binliner speaking in German. Totally forgot about this film, but recall finding it supportive to my plight (which was?) at the time. Time for a rewatch.
And so it goes. One thing leads to another. Where is it all leading to? What black hole awaits?, the realist mutters amused. Oh, go out into the sun and live it up! The restles one exhorts. Then that is what we'll do....

There is no way you could have figured this out (almost). Lynds was pursued by a whale and during that time learned who would stick up for her and who wouldn't. This was her silver lining I then combined with your hair color after your hair statement in response to my post.

My feet are killing me!! Always fun on the first day of shooting where the only outlet available is behind that overloaded refrigerator or arcade game that I can't move holy moly had to walk across town because the boom pole won't fit in the storage compartment of the scooter pay for parking twice walk across town 4 times director in a rush not listening to me and actors forgetting their lines and equipment making too much noise, garbage truck at a standstill in front of the door and police sirens interrupting the shoot uhgain, but, .. there was eye candy.

With silver linings you did pick a clip with many familiar ingredients, but the grenades I saw today weren't real and would probably bounce off the window rather than crash through. Now I'm curious about losing sleep.

Thanks for the steem :D also nice to see ur rep rising again ;]

Thank you! Much appreciated!!

What a cover!

Tremendo no?

la verdad es que si, muy bueno

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