If You Should Fall.

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I don't normally write about my self, post selfies nor do I turn a Camera on myself, I'm not that interesting. Will this be an exception?

I have an analytical mindset and since the age of 4 I have been taking machines apart and putting them back together again, or at least trying. Maybe I started earlier, but who can remember back that far? Every clock, lock, bicycle, radio or record player was fair game. That aspect has never really left me and has wormed itself to other parts of my life and way of looking at things in general. Take for example this video that I will link below this passage. It's a beautifully executed song from Within Temptation joined by polish poet and actor Piotr Rogucki. That is what my Ears detect, but my Eyes see an entirely different picture showing much deceit. That's ok of course; it's only entertainment. In short I see a video very craftily put together with footage from different places. The Motorcycle footage is from the US although the sound is not from the Harley but a Japanese bike, the booze bottle from Alberta Canada, the firetruck is a Scania from the late 90's or early 2000's, and the dumpster fire footage from a parking garage rooftop in Gothenburg Sweden. Want coordinates?

The song is a work of art in it's execution and it tells a sweet, heart warming story, but it's not realistic; it's the way we would like it to be. In reality, when you're down they bite, this is the moment they come for you, rob you and leave you for dead. Why so negative? Well it doesn't have to be that way and recently @sukhasanasister pointed this out to me when she wrote this delicious morsel, a heavenly idea that I can't let go because it speaks to me.

"if you should fall madly in love at 56, survive a crash at 57 and still find your sainted lover by your side ready to wash your quadriplegic body"

If that doesn't make one want to survive, what will?

Not to worry, this 56 year old is not looking to crash putting said sainted lover to task and not all bikers die young; my father sold his last bike at age 79, just before I met him for the first time in 45 years. I can only hope to last that long.

If you got this far I thank you for your time.
Be careful riding, or what ever floats your boat, and enjoy the weekend!



I remember the first time you shared this song with me, I enjoyed it even more this time with your dissection of the video :) Also the bonus content of learning about your childhood, what kind of boy you were, your interesting relationship with your father which I'm sure much more can, and hopefully, will be said <3<3 Thanks for opening up Onno!

I think that was on Discord, quite a while back. Thanks for dropping in, always good to get some feed back from you.

Even I could hear that wasn't a Harley.

For the rest this writing has so much heart: I was finally going to get some hot breakfast cocoa down me now I see it's 2.28 pm (3 is also a good number. Trinity is very good for all aches and pains and longevity), or maybe get dressed, or maybe go back to bed, but now I have to go out in this blustery wind, walk till the hips give up, to catch my breath. And not forget to get dressed; and generally find my head again.

I've been mulling for days on whether or not to post this. Finally had to.

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