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I'm back and now I have to wait for the next Movie shoot date. So I peruse my usual haunts on da net and what do I find? Fuhita Nakamura! This guy must have a light touch because he plays a scalloped neck, really obvious at the beginning of the second video, something that I never managed to do without pulling everything out of tune.

Then I clicked on this video and now some people are getting jealous dangit.

If you like his stuff go give his channel some love. Cheers!

Payout declined. Enjoy!


Nimble fingered alright!

Interesting new feature: payout declined. Handy.

Incredible player and then to think he's only got 1,200 subs on his channel. Granted, this music is not for everyone, I wouldn't be able to take this assault for more than 3 songs in a row, but I can't imagine some record company not picking this guy up. Unbelievable really.

He is also such an authentic looking character. Can only be Japanese.

Another technical question. Where does my micro cent go if it is not paid out to you?

Anything below $0.02 will go back to the reward pool, unless it is added to more votes that combined add up to 0.02 or more. I will soon fix this issue for ya, but keep in mind that as Steem loses value, the value of the vote goes with it so it could be a losing battle for a while to stay above 0.02.

What is a reward pool?
I have a bundle of other dumb (related) questions. Let me know when and where you are ready (my place or yours). They are Steem related and maybe handier to place them elsewhere so as not to mess up your musical page and discourage all your other fans from replying.

It's a collective where the payout from up votes comes from.
All my other fans, lol! You can ask them here if you wish, but first check your vote.


first check your vote.

Another question before we even have begun. What's that got to do with anything?

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