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On this occasion I will tell you about one of my passions, the guitar. Although I never studied professionally since I was a child, I witnessed how my mother used her skills with this instrument (which, as in my case, there were not many) and towards the delight of the little public present, usually a group of friends who used to gather at called "peñas" where besides the guitar used to eat a roast and drink some wine. From that time I was learning little by little and getting more involved in knowing what a guitar was. It was half of the 80s.
They gave me what here in Argentina is known as Creole guitar when I was about 11 years old and immediately got some magazines whose name I don't remember in which songs came with their respective chords. I remember at the beginning placing each finger in its corresponding string and playing my first songs slowly so as not to be mistaken. Those were my beginnings in this passion that I tell you.
Over time the technique was improving although I never got to be good or very good, I was happy to accompany myself while singing the songs that I liked.
Obviously, with the appearance of the Internet, everything was easier for me and not to mention after YouTube appeared. Well, with YouTube I had the pleasure of playing my favorite songs of the 80s and 90s and making my covers in the best possible way. And it wasn't until about 2005 when a friend recommended me to create a channel on that platform, which I did.

And that's how I started uploading my covers to YouTube, with a microphone and camera of very poor quality and with my basic knowledge of guitar. Go through many genres, from trova to rock, pop, pop rock, in English and Spanish, there is something for everyone. Some went well and others not so much but it was a time of my life that I enjoyed a lot, sitting in front of my microphone and my webcam and singing until I was afonic.

This cover above was one of the best answers he had along with this:

For sharing a couple, but you can visit my channel and enjoy (or not) my covers.
All these covers were made between 2007 and 20011 approximately. Then I formed a family and obviously the time was less, but even in my few free moments I take the opportunity to take my guitar out of the closet and play it until my fingers can't stand it anymore. That is my passion and always will be, one of them and I thank my mother for taking me to those meetings because without that I could never have felt what I feel when playing and singing a song.


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Thanks for sharing these covers, you have a very warm and pleasant voice.

Thank you

I dearly love the beetles!

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