My old attempts in musical composition for classic guitar - 7 scores.

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Many years ago, I tried to study and play music. My instrument was, and is, the classic guitar. I studied a lot of scores, mostly classic and contemporary music. Classic guitar has been just a pop/folk instrument till the beginning of 20th century, so most of the classic music for guitar you can find is made of transcripts from scores for other instruments.

I played Bach's, Mozart's, Vivaldi's and many others' music (transcripted from violin scores mostly) but I also studied some composers of the 20th century, like Leo Brouwer and Miguel Abloniz, that wrote music for classic guitar.

And yes, of course I tried to compose some studies myself, in the 80s. I didn't try it ever again.

So, below you can see some handwritten music sheets I wrote more than 30 years ago. I have no audio of me playing them, and I can't record it now (It would take a lot of time for me to study and learn that scores again to be able to play it fluently! ^^). Besides, well, those studies are not so good. ;)

I found also a transcript of a Bruno Maderna's music, from the original for piano and violin, I did. Some guitar students can use it, maybe.

If I find a software that can read and digitalize those sheets, I will be able to hear them again. :)

This study is the best one I wrote, in my opinion:

The one below is thought for the text of T.S. Eliot's poem "Death by water":

Another study:

And a more complex piece:

Another short study:

And a don't-know-what-it-is:

And this is the transcript of Bruno Maderna's "Serenade fur Claudia":


really amazing post....i know some new from your post......i impressed to see your post......i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it..

Oh wow wish you could play these for us.
Wonder if anyone in the steemiverse knows classical guitar really well and could play it...

This is amazing. I loved your post. I compose music and most of it I know by heart.
I'm started to worry in case I won't remember how to play it in the future. Luckily most of my music is online.
Now and then I still read sheet music for guitar but I prefer to improvise.
It's never too late to resume playing guitar and at least you already have some handwritten music.
All the Best!

well, I remember my music and can "sing" it looking at the score. but playing it again with my guitar needs some studying :)

I read this post since morning but flat battery wouldn't let me comment. You are simply awesome @paolobeneforti writing music is quite a wonderful skill, thumbs up to you sir

hey! that's all tough to play! haha
I wanna learn it though :D

let me know what do you think then :)

I tried the first one and my nose is already bleeding hahaha
I think I'm going to need back up from my coach
is it blues?

Just finished reading all the studies and have to say there are some interesting ideas. I can see a resemblance with Bach Sarabande from the 5th Cello Suite but written in a more contemporary style. Nice post

Great post, well done

I just listened to @steevec playing Studio 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tinker with guitar but have never hat the patience or drive to learn properly. I hope to correct that as I start my midlife crisis.

I've never listened to much classical guitar music - I think I may have have a search after hearing Steve give it a go.

That's great!
I hope you find that software and share that software name with us too.
Thank you.

thanks for the compilation! very an interesting post!)

I ever learn how to play guitar for 4 months and I'm busy with other activities, so forgotten.
I plan to learn the back, music is life
thanks @paolobeneforti

Thanks for sharing. I may take a shot a playing a couple.

Music for me is the passion that the membangkit's spirit, in a moment of mind again messed up I often entertain themselves with music ...
Musicians need to become a great talent for creating music that can be soothing his listeners,