"Heavy Metal Makes You A Better Person" Not Me, Science Said! (tr / en)

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Music is one of the biggest and one of the rare things in my life. Heavy metal and punk music is almost like the definition of my puberty. This musical style I met in my high school years is not just guitar riffs, drum attacks, it also brought many people and experiences at the same time. People who listened to this music based on their conflicts were in different shapes, different characters, and I was learning a little bit more them in each song, each person. Music has always been in my life, but when I grew up, other people came into too. From CEOs of international corporations, award-winning advertisers, game-crazy types to famous actors, the most enlightened enthusiast to the fast-rising white caught in business. I can say today as a middle aged woman that the purest people I've ever known in my life were the ones who listened to heavy metal or punk that always seemed outcast. My close friends have been always in that point. The difference is difficult to explain, words are not enough. When you are surrounded by people who are trying to shift your feet every day. You can't fit in words the feeling that leaving you to a crazy pogo crowd  and know nobody let you down.  Of course I am not talking about the increasingly fashionable metalheads nowadays. I am talking about people who really love music, love lyrics, and define themselves with it. Maybe I will write my adventures in my youth later, but I have different reason to write this post.

I came across a research done in 2015 today. This scientific work by Humbolt State University on the metal music culture in the 1980s is like the scientific explanation of my feelings that I have been telling everywhere for years. The study began in the 1970s and 1980s. Talks with musicians and fans of that period lasted until 2015, and these people were followed by youth and adulthood. It turned out that listening to heavy metal music leads to living a happier youth and becoming more well-adjusted during middle-age.

So what do you think about ?

Your entire research is here

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Müzik hayatımın en büyük ve en önemli parçalarından biri. Çocukluğumdan beri hayatımda olan ve değişmeyen nadir şeylerden biri aynı zamanda. Heavy metal ve punk müzik ise ergenliğimin tanımı gibi adeta. Lise yıllarımda tanıştığım bu müzik tarzı hayatıma sadece gitar riflerini, davul ataklarını değil; aynı zamanda pek çok insanı ve deneyimi de getirdi. Çatışmaların üzerine kurulu bu müziği dinleyen insanlar farklı farklı şekillerdeydi, farklı farklı karakterdeydiler ve ben her bir şarkıda, her bir tanıdığım insanda biraz daha fazla şey öğreniyordum. Müzik hayatımda hep kaldı ama ben büyüdükçe hayatıma başka insanlar da girdi. Uluslarası şirketlerin CEO'larından, ödüllü reklamcılara, oyun delisi tiplerden ünlü oyunculara, en aydın geçinen entellerden iş hayatında hızla yükselen beyaz yakalılara kadar. Bugün orta yaşlarını henüz geçmiş bir kadın olarak söyleyebilirim ki hayatımda tanıdığım en temiz insanlar her zaman dışarıdan serseri olarak görünen heavy metal ya da punk dinleyen insanlardı. Her zaman en yakınımdakilerin bir noktada hayatları bu müzik türünden geçmişti. Aradaki farkı açıklamak zor, kelimeler yetmez. Her gün ayağınızı kaydırmaya çalışan insanlarla çevrili olduğunuz bir hayatta kendinizi hiç tanımadığınız halde sizi yere düşürmeyeceklerini bildiğiniz çılgın bir pogo kalabalığına bırakma güvenini duymak kelimelere sığmaz. Son dönemde iyice artan moda metalcilerinden bahsetmiyorum tabii. Gerçekten bir müziğe, sözlere aşık olan, onunla kendini tanımlayan insanlardan bahsediyorum. Gençlik dönemimdeki maceralarımı belki sonra anlatırım ama bu yazıyı yazma nedenim başka. 

Bugün 2015'te yapılmış bir araştırmaya denk geldim. Humbolt State University tarafından 1980'lerdeki metal müzik camiası üzerine yapılmış bu bilimsel çalışma, benim yıllardır her yerde söylediğim bu duygularımın bilimsel açıklaması gibi.  Çalışma 1970 ve 1980'lerde başlamış. O dönemki müzisyenlerle, dinleyicilerle yapılan görüşmeler 2015 yılına kadar devam etmiş ve bu insanların gençlik ve yetişkinlik dönemleri takibe alınmış. Araştırmadaki insanların hem iyi hem de kötü anlamda duygularıyla daha iyi başa çıkabildiği, kendilerini daha iyi tanıdıkları, daha mutlu bir gençlik ve daha uyumlu bir yetişkinlik dönemi yaşadığı ortaya çıkmış.  

Siz ne dersiniz?  

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I have also noticed some interesting things at heavy metal events. I am a social butterfly and I frequent events with all kinds of music, although I avoid pop and cajke (turbofolk music from balkan which sounds like someone is raping a cat in front of the mic and is often visited by violent men and easy women who believe having lots of money is the best characteristic of a human being).

People on heavy metal events were always open to communication both easy chat about booze, music and weather, but also to more philosophic and scientific topics from which it was easy to see that they are either well educated or striving to attain knowledge.

People there were also easygoing and ready to help, one great example is how every time I was in a mosh pit (and I have been in many of those) when someone fell, in the instant at least three people surrounded him so those who didn't notice don't step on him and two more hurried to pick him up.

In our studio we all listen different kind of music but we all had a metal phase in our life and metal is still well received in the studio. (Long live Meshuggah) Maybe it is just because it is one of my favorite music choices, but when I meet people I always get along with people who listen to metal easily. It is as if there was some unvoiced code of honor between fellow metalheads.

There was another research which I read ages ago. It compared IQ and education level of people relative to the music they listened to, and relative to music their mother listened during pregnancy. As a young metalhead at the time I was happy to discover that highest scores went to the people who listened to heavy metal closely followed by those who listened to classical music.

Rock on my man! 🤘

Yes my mother listened to classical and traditional music when she was pregnant with me so maybe there is a connection.

I am less open to the kind of music I listen to when I was younger, but now many musical styles are interesting. Growing changes the way people look, of course, but passing through my youth with heavy metal and punk music has been very effective at this stage. If I were a young girl of any pop music fan, I could not be the person I am now. But I have to admit I never know the music called cajke (maybe I have not grown up enough yet :)) but I am almost sure that after your explanation I will not have any interest :)

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Thanks for this, I feel that many people come to punk and metal because they feel isolated and want to be part of something intense and significant. From experience I feel this way of meeting other outcasts can indeed make you better adjusted as an adult! I'm a big 80s heavy metal fan, hope you find some of my posts amusing... https://steemit.com/nwobhm/@danpetley/10-influential-paintings-referenced-in-new-wave-of-british-heavy-metal-album-covers-part-1