Late As [email protected]#k! @TERMITE WORLDWIDE CYPHER JAM(73 BIKES) R.E.D.-Riptide

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Welcome to Ones Perspective


So has I have been away for what seems like forever!! Many things has changed on Whaleshares and I already think that is looks and feels great!

Now as I progress on here I am going to be jumping around a lot from many different subjects. One is going to be focusing mostly on music and getting more connected with other artists.

Just I have done an extensive amount of research and have come to formulate theories that in actuality I have already proven. Just I can not prove them to all you!! That is something ones must do on your own.

With that being said this is for the last @termite WorldWide Cypher Jam over here on Whaleshares(Which you all can still get over there and upshare.) The steemit version is already done so I will not be posting it here.

With out further a due I give you.....



Welcome to this presentation, R.E.D.s back,
In full effect, got the match to light tha fire,
Making ya wet from the feet up until actions,
Burstin' out your chest, overthrowin' your brain.

Riptide, done ripped out my insides,
Inside I weep for the level of tha weary,
Outside I know no one but this one,
I found in tha heart, a side like no other,
Now one's smothered completely,
With unconditional love for a world,
Be set on setting all tha DNA on fire,
Shifting quickly stay with me or be left,
Right on tha other side of tha doors,
Left wide open for ya, even copied,
Keys to free ones from enslavement,
Hit tha ground running, so comprehend,
Now one creeps to a steady slow stroll,
No need to ever again rush on this earth,
Personally have lots of feelings,
And most of them are coupled with,
That truth that must go for all individuals,
One community called humans,
Knowingly with purpose on purpose,
To manifest a purpose worth existing,
Which steps are you gonna take,
Only tha fake talk about not being fake,
Or spit shit like real recognize real right,
Definitely not when what ones see as real,
I really see as not even here really,
Bubbles of choices infinitely laid out,
Simultaneously presented in every present,
So you should watch for the presents,
Universe not what tha system be sendin' ya,
Presence will tell you now, I only play a fool,
To show action above words,
Workin' hard to unwrap this puzzle,
An ain't no one here gonna muzzle,
This voice any longer, I've been, fuck,
Doin' that long enough. Enough,
Of tha ineffective plans affecting,
Me to backwards slide,
My own goals, just know this leaves,
One in a hole, filling this will, fire on water,
Down with tha cunts in countries,
That are only ran by dictators,
Psychopathic pedophiles,
Sociopathically raping your children.

For not having done this in months I feel it came out pretty well!! Let me know what you all think, and in all seriously I could use some motivation as the things around me directly have not been great at that lately and I am kinda of questioning the point of all this or doing anything worth while while you feel as if no one listens.

Anyhow that is something to work on for me I hope you enjoy this and thank you to @termite for making great beats as always!!




'Only tha fake talk about not being fake'!!!

Always profound word, my friend ... I'd say you're still on the top of your game, stay the course!

P.S. your new logo is eye-popping too! The different fonts speak of the universes you traverse.

Thanks a lot! Yea I am working on being here more! Going to be getting this on choon today hopefully and I already got lyrics for the next jam!!

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