How to write a song?

in #music4 years ago

Have you ever wanted to be a song writter ?? If you are ! you came to right place !


YEP! I'll explain to you how to write perfect songs for any situation.(believe me)

◆First thing stop fucking as google everytime you wanna to do something. Seriously dude! dont ask google for how to write a song.

◆sencodly get a fuckin nice pen and paper don't type on your shitty phone note .

◆what the fuck you think I'm a song writer for Adele ?? Nahh! cut this bullshit ..I'm just dumb fuck like you..

◆I 'm just kidding with you guys ..

◆ Actually i didn't know how to write any shit! even my Resume.

◆ this post just for fun don't take it seriously and don't downvote this shit.

◆ if you got any problem with this shit we can figure out on my discord




Thank you for Reading and show some support to this guy @regalsoldier right here , if you like my work consider upvotes and resteem.



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