Singing Lessons Online - 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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What are singing lessons online?

They are an alternative to having a private voice teacher working with you in person. Practicing online is cheaper and more practical, since you can have the lessons anywhere and anytime you want.

What should I look for in an online singing program?

To choose the best online singing program for you, you should think about the qualities you would look for in a real teacher. Obviously, that depends on what goals you have, since not every instructor is ready to take you through a certain path. What kind of music do you intend to sing and where? Is it in a group or by yourself? Is it in church, a bar, a musical theater or even an opera house? Different singing courses will carry you in different directions.

##What are the different kinds of singing lessons online available?

Among the huge number of online courses you can choose, there are some that provide you with a lot of information about music theory and music history throughout the centuries, besides developing your voice. Others will help you with ear training, or maybe train you as a performer, teaching you the right demeanor on stage, ways to express yourself and specific techniques to place and project your voice, making it richer and more resonant.

The singing courses that don't teach you much about projecting your voice expect you to be always using a microphone to do that for you. That is another criteria you need to use when choosing an adequate method for you, having in mind that someone who does know how to project his or her voice will easily adapt to a microphone, while someone that relies heavily on the microphone will struggle a lot if there is an occasion where it can't be used.

How expensive are singing lessons online?

You won't need to pay for a good singing course more than you would for ten lessons, or just a couple more, in person. For that price, you get several audio lessons with spoken explanations and demonstrations of exercises. You also receive written information that expands on what is said in the audio files. That investment only compensates if you go through every step of the course you bought. Don't ignore any section just because it feels boring; you'll miss important information and keep yourself from improving a lot faster.

What do most singing lessons online teach?

The first thing most courses will teach you is the way every voice works and how it can be developed. They'll also explain the basics about technical aspects like breath support, resonance or placement, besides giving you several exercises to warm up and train the voice. You will be practicing all of that alone. While that puts less pressure on you to sing better faster, it also makes it difficult to overcome challenges, since you're not getting any specific feedback on your voice, that could give you good alternative strategies if an exercise didn't work out for you. The only way to slightly minimize that problem and objectively analyze the progresses you make is to record yourself and listen to the clip or have a friend or family member hear you sing, even though they may not know enough to help you correct any mistakes.

Singing lessons online can be a great investment if you don't get lazy just because you're on your own and more importantly, if you are always honest with yourself about your improvements or lack of them. Good luck.