Ambient Music for Video Games

in #music4 years ago

Hey folks, Ryan from Tangerine Music Labs here -- I've been making music for video games as a hobby for a while and wanted to try out this Steemit platform as a test run for my next round of musical works. My music is kind of a cross of ambient and classical, and I create all of my music on my ROLI Seaboard, recorded in one take. No edits + microintonations give the music a type of "live" electronic sound that you can't get anywhere else, I'd like to think.

This track is from a mod I made for the indie game Rimworld a year ago, and is one of my more popular ones. If there's enough interest I might post more, or even do some live ones if the demand is there. I do believe that crypto is the future of media and am excited to see where it goes!


Hi just curious do u know Mariah?

Nope. Although I am starting to meet more creatives in the Bay Area now that I'm getting back into making music again.

I was hanging out at Gamenest (an indie game dev workspace) earlier in the year during my job hunt so maybe we walked past each other at some point.