Finger drumming on a mounain top :D

in #music4 years ago

Filed trip with my dog Buddha and some nice music to go with it :D


I could watch you fingerbang that box all day long.

Hehe :D (finger bang bang , one of my favourite South park scenes) :D Im glad u enjoyed, stay tuned for more :D peace Shaka

Wow great music. This is so chill, I def needed this today. Keep it up!

glad u enjoyed :D

When I saw the picture of this post I thougt I saw a lion chilling to your music! 😋

Yup he is a big boy, but he is a real sweetheart too :d

Nice man! chill AF

Im glad u enjoyed :D thanks !

:) check out our steem page when you get a mo! :D

amazing video and finger drumming !!

Ty my friend :D peace

nice scenery and nice beats. this is dope

thank you, im glad u like it ! more to come :D

Keep On Steemin On!!

Will do ! stay tuned for more :D

Nice jam mate. It's a shame that it ends with a cut. Hope you had fun.

Always a good time being out there :D thanks !

So cool... Good music, place and your best friend to keep you company :)

Yup, cant get any better :D thank you !

awesome mate!

Thanks, more to come :)

I hope so!

When you have a minute check this out, please! Strange tekno music!

Lovin' the finger drumming on the maschine mikro! Dope scenery too!

Thank you, more to come :D

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Hey there, yes please give me more info , im am new with steemit and crypto things. If u want you can send me the info on my email : [email protected] , Or just reply here :D Thank you :D

This post should have the answer to all of your questions... if you have any more questions let me know.

Thanks a lot ! Ill get id done first thing in the mornning!

Ok, got it ! My bitshares acc is shakazula22 . Thanks again for choosing me to be one of the winners of your contest, it really means a lot ! :D peace Shaka

Sent! If you have any questions or need any help with anything you can find me in our Discord server where there's lots of people ready to help as well as lots of fun things. We will be starting an open mic night very soon and an internet radio station soon you might be interested in joining.

Thanks again, i think i got it from here on :D Ill definetly join your discrod server ! See you there ! :D

You played the drum by hand or is it post production? What a nice toy, which drum machine is it?

Everything is played live, drums and samples at the same time : D
This is a Native instruments, Maschine mikro :D

Nice but what about the Rhodes? That can't be live can it?

it was already in the original song that i sampled . so the top 12 pads are, chopped parts of the original song, and the bothom four pads are my drums . Hope this helps :D peace Shaka

Ahaa like that yes that's cool stuff! Will it chop up any song right from in machine?

Yes, u import the vaw. file, and you can start chopping :D

Nice, so it has beat detection I presume :)

Yes, it can slice it apart on its own, but i usually just do it manualy. It gives me more controll :D

I'm not sure what's more relaxing, the mountain view, the sleeping dog, or the music. I'm tempted to just put it on a loop and listen to it all day.

Thank you, im glad you enjoyed :D

yeahh this is tight.. looking into portable pads like this. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated :D

I would recomend u maschine mikro from native instruments. Its around 300 $ , and it comes with a lot of instruments, samples and fx . Plus you can sample any song and get tons of new sounds :) . Hope this helps, if u have some more questions, feel free to ask :D , and Thanks for the positive comment ;)

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