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Painting by Sabrina Villareal for Solar Phasing Project

Hello Music lovers,

I've made a great music bundle for you on SatoshiWall. This "all in one" Pack include all my releases on Bandcamp. Available with a BCH payment! Why BCH? Because Bitcoin Cash have very low fees, near $0.01. You pay and you unlock immediately the hidden content where you will find the link to download all my official discography in my personal Cloud.

So, what do you get for $10?

  • Relics (EP)

  • On The Edge Of The Galaxy (Album)

  • Fantasy Piano Variations, including: A short walk,** Memories** (Singles)

  • Electron Rock, including: Electron, Moon Dance (Singles)

  • In Slow Motion (EP)

  • Syncopated Machines In A Nuclear Winter (Single)

  • Nightmares (EP)

You want to support me and have a full discovery on a new music journey?
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All albums and tracks in MP3 Quality Sound 320kb.

Listen to all the albums and tracks on Bandcamp:

The Story Of A Cold Star

All winners.. you help me on my indie music path, you help SatoshiWall and BCH adoption, and you get the opportunity to get a lot of music to discover at cheap price!

Thank you for your support! :0)

With #love!
Solar Phasing

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